Braces vs. Adjustments: Teeth & Spines Take Time To Realign Properly

By Dr. Brenda Kingen

Why do people accept that braces take months/years to fix crooked teeth, but assume ONE adjustment should fix a lifetime of subluxated vertebra?

Anyone who has ever had braces knows how long it can take to move teeth. That perfect smile doesn’t just happen. An orthodontist slowly applies pressure to move the teeth over many months. A chiropractor uses the same approach with correcting a misaligned spine. It takes time for a spine to become subluxated, and it also takes time to retrain the body to get back to perfect positioning.

How do we do this? With specific corrective adjustments, exercises, ergonomic changes and occasional structural restorative traction.

In our office, we treat the normal cervical (neck) curve on the above right as the “Arc of Life”. We can’t see it, but the nervous system which is the master system of our body is housed and protected by our spine. If the structure changes due to trauma, poor posture or repetitive stress, the nervous system does not fire on all cylinders.

How often have you gone to the dentist feeling great and found out that you have cavities? Unfortunately, our spines operate the same way. Most of us understand the concept of regular dental maintenance. Why would you not do the same for your spine?

Dr. Brenda Kingen, with 25 years of experience, utilizes Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique, Acupuncture and Laser therapy in her practice. The office is located at Kingen Chiropractic Wellness Center, 2001 S. Hanley Rd., Ste. 220, Brentwood, MO 63144. She can be reached at 314-646-0013.