2018 Native Of The Year: Missouri Primrose

By Abby Lapides
Sugar Creek Gardens

A cherished Missouri native perennial, Missouri Primrose, Oenothera, boasts brilliant 3-5” cup shaped yellow flowers. They begin to appear in late spring and continue into early fall. Each delightful softly fragrant blossom only lasts one day, usually opening in late afternoon and remaining until the following morning. Stunning winged 2-3” seed pods follow, creating another amazing display. Its long roots that grow deep into the soil make it extremely drought tolerant. A long lived perennial. Deer resistant. Low growing, it tops out at about 12” tall.

Due to its many outstanding qualities, it has won many awards, in the United States and Europe. In Europe they call it Night Candles due to its glowing flowers.

Use Missouri Primrose in perennial gardens, rock gardens, native gardens, pollinator gardens, rain gardens, as a ground cover, edging, and in banks and slopes.

Plant Missouri Primrose in full sun to light shade. Very easy to grow, they are not particular about soil, and will tolerate poor soil.

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