Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske,

Animal as Spiritual Ally

I am in a large field watching the setting sun with a group of people. Suddenly, at the end of the field an enormous orange snake pops his head up out of a spring and searches the field with penetrating eyes. He spies me. With incredible speed, he leaps out of the spring and flies straight at me.

I am terrified. All the people disappear and I am alone being chased by an enormous orange snake. He’s coming for me. I begin to run clumsily, praying for speed. He overtakes me in a flash. I duck as he whizzes over my head. I run the other way. I dodge him again as he flies over me, closer this time.

I see no way out. Why me? What do I do? I stop running. I stand still. I surrender to the attack of the enormous orange snake. He halts in front of me, coils at my feet. What is it? What do you want? He has something for me. He sinks his teeth into my foot. I wake up breathing fast, heart pumping, foot throbbing.

In my shamanic tradition, I know that a new animal ally has just entered my life. I have just survived an attack by an animal in the dream time. The fear and wonder of it stay with me for months. What did he give to me? I spend the next few weeks interpreting my dream and receiving the gift of the enormous orange snake.

Animal allies are spiritual companions who give counsel on life’s lessons revealing knowledge hidden away in the inner depths of your soul. In the worldwide practice of shamanism, power animals are a source of wisdom. They walk beside you as a soul friend…guiding, protecting, instructing.

Animals are closer to the rhythms and cycles of nature and have fewer distractions from it than we do. They are ideal messengers when one is in need of guidance. Just by being themselves they reflect the intelligence of the world and reveal all answers available when you look within.

Become aware of animal allies in a number of ways. You can meet in dreams, physical encounters and inner journeywork. A beloved pet can be an ally. Pay attention to the animal activity around you. Even if you don’t see the actual animal, its likeness may hold a message in the shape of a cloud, artwork or story.

Power animals give daily guidance on a spiritual level. They clarify life’s challenges, reveal sources of fear, give safe passageway in travels, tend to sickness in body, heart and soul.

Open yourself to receive the gifts animals offer. You and your power animal can develop a unique relationship where you learn from each other. Listen closely, pay attention, act upon the advice given and your connection will deepen. They walk the path with you and you realize you are never alone.

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