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12 Strategies To Enhance Your Immune System!

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

We are constantly exposed to potential infectious agents like viruses and bacteria that cause infections such as colds, flu, bronchitis and ear infections. The immune system defends us from invaders and repairs the damage that occurs with infections.

When the immune system is weak infections may occur frequently and be difficult to […]

ARTful Happenings March 2018


Through April 6
Bruno David Gallery, 7513 Forsyth; 314-696-2377 or visit www.brunodavidgallery.com.

Through April 22

ArtFul Living

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts
Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

March is Women’s History Month

This celebration of women’s achievements throughout history grew primarily out of International Women’s Day, established by the United Nations in 1975. It was initiated on the international level, not just a local level, and not just in our country.

The […]

Ask The Herb Lady

With Cathy Schram

Best Way To Take Supplements? Parasite Cleanse?

Q: Should I take my supplements with food or on an empty stomach? What’s the best time of day to take them?

A: It is best to take a multivitamin/mineral supplement with meals because nutrients help the body to better metabolize food for energy and they are more […]

Benefits Of Infrared Saunas

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

You may have heard about the wonderful health claims of the infrared sauna: anti-aging abilities, detoxification, weight loss, and more. However, like with most treatments, you may be wondering if these claims are really just a bunch of hot air. In the case of infrared saunas, the truth is quite the […]

Best Reblooming Daylilies In The World

Considered the best repeat blooming Daylilies available, mature plants are known to produce over 400 flowers in a year!

By Ann Lapides

Sugar Creek Gardens
From the Netherlands comes EveryDayLily Daylilies, the longest blooming, heaviest blooming daylilies available. These long-lived perennials are loaded with outstanding characteristics including:

Bloom continually from late spring through fall.
More beautiful flowers, longer blooming period […]

Coalition Report

By Ed Smith,
Policy Director
Coalition for the Environment

EPA Proposes Partial Removal of Radioactivity at West Lake Landfill – Now for Public Comments

The Missouri Coalition for the Environment (MCE) provides a guide for how to get involved in support of maximum radioactive removal at the West Lake Landfill now that the Environmental Protection Agency […]

Drawdown: Solutions to Reverse Global Warming

By Erika Boeing, Co-Founder and CEO of Accelerate Wind, Research Fellow at Project Drawdown, and USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Education Committee member

Global warming discussions today are often full of doom and gloom, and like many others, I have certainly gone through times I was convinced that the situation was hopeless. That’s one of many reasons that […]

Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Bush Honeysuckle On Trial

The Old Courthouse, in downtown St. Louis, is the site of landmark cases:

In 1846, Dred Scott, a human being enslaved, sued for his freedom.

In 1872, Virginia Minor, a woman and a Citizen of the United States, sued for her right to vote.

In 2018, Dale Dufer, a lifelong St. Louis […]

Healthy Planet 2018 Summer Camp Guide

Ackermann’s Swim Program
A Sports Facility. Teaching children 4-11 the life skill of swimming and water safety since 1949. Family owned and operated at the same location, 1044 Curran Avenue, Kirkwood, MO 63122. Group swim lessons in 4 heated pools with different water levels for progressive safe learning. Enrollment by one or two week sessions. Hours […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

March 3
Herbs & More 20th Anniversary Sale
Mention The Healthy Planet magazine and get 15% of your entire purchase.
Morethanherbsonline.com. 636-207-6673.

March 3
Science & Sustainability Open House Weekend
Go Behind the Scenes of the Missouri Botanical Garden at the Science and Sustainability Open House. Saturday March 3 and Sunday March 4 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Missouri Botanical […]

Inexpensive Ways To Get Healthier Sleep

STL Beds will have all these products and more at the Healthy Planet’s Natural Living Expo on Sunday, March 25. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mattresses today are mandated by Federal Law to pass specific safety flame retardant testing. This means that many mattress manufacturers in the United States have started to use some […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Undo Your Part

By Tom Braford

Are you sometimes overwhelmed about global warming? We invite you to Undo Your Part by visiting www.UndoYourPart.com, watch and share the video and join Citizens’ Climate Lobby. With those small steps for St Louis and one giant step for humankind under your belts, you can be part of the movement to rollback global […]

Lyme and Post-Lyme Syndrome: Forensic Case Study from New York

By Simon Yu, MD

Who else committed the crime of Post-Lyme? The Integrative Medicine for the Treatment of Tick-borne Diseases Conference will be held in Baltimore on April 20-21, 2018, and the Lyme Disease Association of Delmarva invited me to give a talk. I told them I do not treat Lyme disease, I am not Lyme-literate, […]

Past Life and Metaphysical Concepts for Personal Growth Workshop March 22

March 22nd, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
Held at My Office
Visit www.claytontherapy.com for location and directions

Join us for a special seminar as Peggy Levinson shares with you how you can uncover memories from your past lives. Using a technique called past life regression. Peggy will guide you through the process of recalling these memories located deep inside […]

Plant More Flowers, For The Bees

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

As if gardeners needed an excuse to plant more flowers, there is an urgent need to do so now. If you plant flowers, bees will come. Bees need flowers and we need more bees, native bees especially. Research done by St. Louis University’s Center for Sustainability found that urban areas have more […]

Publisher’s Corner: Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness?

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, is a well-known passage in the United States Declaration of Independence. This is an example of one our “unalienable rights” as U.S. citizens which the Declaration says our government was created to protect. With all the discourse over gun violence, I was thinking about how our government does […]

Springtime Preventative Health For Pets

By Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

It’s just about springtime and we are all excited about leaving our winter cocoons and blossoming into backyard explorers, often joined by our beloved pets, either dog or cat. The first issue regards updating your annual examinations and immunizations. Each veterinarian will host their own healthcare program for your pets, so […]

St. Louis’ Food Outreach Announces the 30th Annual A Tasteful Affair; A Celebration Making Nutrition and Compassion Center Stage for 30 Years

Featuring St. Louis’ Favorite Restaurants with Entertainment by Ben Nordstrom and Friends Proceeds Fuel Food Outreach to Provide Nutritional Support and Wholesome Meals for Clients with HIV/AIDS or Cancer

Food Outreach’s 30th annual A Tasteful Affair is Sunday April 22nd at the Four Seasons Hotel, 999 N. Second Street, 63102 from 2 to 5 p.m. The […]

Text Neck: Is Your Smartphone Destroying Your Spine?

By Brenda Kingen DC

So, what’s your body position while you’re reading this?

Are you slumping in your chair or hunched over with your neck sticking out like a turtle? Chances are your neck and shoulders feel sore.

Don’t just dismiss it as everyday fatigue. Doctors say that 80% of technology-users are complaining of a neck or back […]

The Art of Relating

Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW

Demystifying Couples Counseling

Visit the Web for a complete list of my services: www.ChristineKniffen.com

I think that people have no idea what to expect when they go to couples and marriage counseling. As someone whose practice consists of roughly half couples and half individuals I have a pretty good idea of the common […]

Tranquil Companion Offers Integrative Therapies For Your Animals

By Maureen Keller

Tranquil Companion is in the business of using integrative, non-invasive therapies to help deliver and maintain wellness as well as quality of life to all clients. We use a variety of therapies such as light / Photon, magnetic, acupressure, sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, and much more to enable our animal clients the […]

Women Unite. Fun is Healthy, Too!

Make Plans Now For Women’s Wellness Weekend at Trout Lodge YMCA of the Ozarks April 13-16

The holidays are long over and thoughts are now turning to Spring. When the trees and flowers begin their amazing transformation and we finally emerge from the cold much like a butterfly from a cocoon, women will gather and revel […]