Best Reblooming Daylilies In The World

Considered the best repeat blooming Daylilies available, mature plants are known to produce over 400 flowers in a year!

By Ann Lapides

Sugar Creek Gardens
From the Netherlands comes EveryDayLily Daylilies, the longest blooming, heaviest blooming daylilies available. These long-lived perennials are loaded with outstanding characteristics including:

  • Bloom continually from late spring through fall.
  • More beautiful flowers, longer blooming period than all other repeat blooming daylilies.
  • Brilliant colors, in shades of red, pink, coral, yellow and white, some with halos and unique shading.
  • Mature plants have been known to produce over 400 flowers a season.
  • Great compact habit 12-16” tall and wide.
  • Considered by industry professionals as the finest reblooming daylilies in the world.

The variety EveryDayLily ‘Cerise’ brings romantic rose-pink blossoms with lavender eyezones and deep green throats. Truly an ever blooming daylily, this adorable gem produces large blooms non-stop for months straight, beginning in late spring with blooms continuing through fall. Each exquisite blossom is lightly ruffled and of perfect form. Dramatic deep red blossoms highlighted with yellow throats and bright white midribs are produced non stop on EveryDayLily ‘Red Rib,’ pictured. EveryDayLily ‘Cream’ features lovely white blossoms.

You’ll be awed with how quickly these Daylilies bulks up, making them extremely floriferous in the landscape. Their compact form and continuous flower show makes them the perfect plants for growing as ground covers or as mass plantings, in the front of the border, and in containers.

For best flowering plant daylilies in a sunny spot that receives at least 6 hours of sun a day. When planting adding a shovelful or two of compost or other organic matter, along with an all purpose fertilizer will get your daylilies off to a good start. Space daylilies 12-18” apart with the crown about 1” below the soil surface. Keep plants well watered until established. Mulch with bark or compost to conserve moisture and prevent weeds from growing. Although resilient and not needing any additional fertilizer once established, for best rebloom fertilize with liquid fertilizer and water when dry.

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