Tranquil Companion Offers Integrative Therapies For Your Animals

By Maureen Keller

Tranquil Companion is in the business of using integrative, non-invasive therapies to help deliver and maintain wellness as well as quality of life to all clients. We use a variety of therapies such as light / Photon, magnetic, acupressure, sound, therapeutic grade essential oils, and much more to enable our animal clients the ability to enjoy life by boosting their immune system as well as giving relaxation from stress, anxiety and pain.

We offer herbal, therapeutic, essential oil, and Homeopathy remedies to help maintain wellness as well as address various chronic issues. We individualize each client’s needs and customize a Wellness Plan that can be used with or without a veterinary program that may already be in place.

Because Tranquil Companion’s primary interest is the health and well-being of its animal clients, we educate our client’s person on how to maintain the level of healing we have achieved, and to continue providing support by giving the human integrative tools to deliver a level of healing after or between sessions. In doing so, this provides the opportunity for a deeper bond between animal and their person as well as empowering the person with the knowledge of how to provide mental-emotional and physical support for their animal’s individual issues.

Tranquil Companion also offers customized workshops for groups with specific concerns or issues on how to administer and make herbal remedies and application of therapeutic grade essential oils.

I have been a guest speaker at Star Avian Rescue as well as addressing the advanced animal nursing students in the vet tech program at Vatterott College.

For the equine community, Tranquil Companion offers the only equine iridology school in the United States. In 2015, Maureen acquired her certification in Equine Iridology from the Ellen Collinson’s School of Equine Iridology in Ballots, France, and she is listed on their website as a Certified Equine Iridologist. The Equine Iridology school hosted by Tranquil Companion offers a five-day hands on course in the study of the equine eye to identify imbalances and issues of impending dis-ease in the equine body before it manifests. By identifying these issues, steps can be taken to alleviate the problems long before they appear in blood tests. Equine iridology can also be used to discover kidney weaknesses in a foal as early as 6 weeks, which is vital information in determining if a foal will be a good candidate for breeding when it matures. The equine iridology graduate is provided with certification, as well as being listed as a Certified Equine Iridologist on the Tranquil Companion Resource Page, lifetime mentorship, and plans on how to set up your own business practice.

Maureen Keller is a healing touch for Animals practitioner and Certified Equine Iridologist. Nora Tsahiridis is partner/ assistant to Maureen, helping her apply various integrative therapies. Both make up the business of Tranquil Companion. Kathryn Chapman is an herbalist and empath and Amy Page is a Homeopathy practitioner; they are affiliates of Tranquil Companion and are available to collaborate. Each affiliate has their own practice but come together under the umbrella of Tranquil Companion as needed.

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