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A New Treatment For Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia & Pain…Really!

by Rosa Kincaid, MD

Are you anxious? Not sleeping? Depressed? Do you have physical pain that is untouched by conventional medical protocols, such as fibromyalgia? Are you tired of the side effects of prescription medications? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might want to investigate a non-drug therapy called cranial […]

Are You Making An Informed Decision Regarding Breast Health?

By Linda Weber Spradling

A recent study by Southampton University researchers has found that too many screening programs, including mammograms, lead to misdiagnosed results and the overtreatment of harmless breast lumps. Women need to understand the negative effects of some screening and have a better understanding of the risks of unnecessary treatment before they are screened. […]

ArtFul Happenings

June 1-30
Paintings by Craig Downs; opening reception, 6-8 p.m.; Northwest Coffee Roasting Company, 8401 Maryland in Clayton; for info, call 314-791-6466 or visit www.craigdownsart.com.

June 9-July 26
Concurrent multi-media exhibitions; opening reception, 6-8 p.m.; Art St. Louis, 555 Washington; 314-241-4810, www.artstl.org.

Through June 16
Works by Mark Weber and Ruth Reese; PHD […]

ArtFul Living

By Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky

Happy Father’s Day! In honor of great dads everywhere, I’ve decided to fill this column with ARTful events that guys will love.

Now I don’t really know what guys will love. Sometimes I can’t even guess what the guys in my family like for dinner. But, when I mentioned […]

Ask The Herb Lady

By Cathy Burkemper

Arnica & Vitamin C Before Surgery
…And…Aloe has many Health Benefits

Q: My wisdom teeth are impacted and I will be having surgery to have them extracted. Can you recommend anything that might help the procedure go more smoothly?

A: Oh my. I can sympathize with you because I had the same procedure when […]

Beware of These Botanicals

by Teresa Garden, DVM

This has been the most wondrous and enjoyable St. Louis spring in many years. Days have been sunny and warm; nights cool. Due to this great weather our plants and flowers have showered us with a dazzling array of beauty and lushness. And while their beauty can be breath-taking, […]

Caution: Pet Care In Summer

by Jeff Jensen

It’s Summer time! This is the time of year we relax and kick back, do a little BBQ, hang out by the lake or pool and just plain take it easy. Plus it’s the perfect time to have your pets hang out with you! With just a few simple precautions […]

Coalition Report: GAME ON! FOOD FIGHT!

by Kathleen Logan Smith
Executive Director; Missouri Coalition For The Environment

Our nation’s food fate is now in the hands of the U.S. Senate as that body shapes the 2012 Farm Bill, the law that impacts our food, soil, water and pocketbooks.

The Senate Agriculture Committee has proposed keeping costly subsidies that overwhelmingly go to the most […]

Detoxification: A Master Key To Health & Vitality

by Varsha Rathod, MD

The body detoxifies constantly and this is an energy and nutrient expensive process. In medicine, “detoxification” refers to the process of biologically transforming toxic chemicals into less toxic and water soluble compounds that can safely exit the body through sweating, breathing, urinating and defecating. This process of biotransformation occurs at many sites […]

Do-It-Yourself Sustainability

By Allison Macon,
USGBC-Missouri Gateway Program Committee

Do you fret over the green house gasses released every morning when you drive your car to work? Do you mutter to yourself, “Geez! Why haven’t I set up my composting system yet?” while you grind valuable nutrients down the disposal? Have you experienced anguish while watering your garden with […]

Dreary State Of The Air Results Reinforce Need for Residents to do Their Share for Cleaner Air This Summer

Article courtesy of the
St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership

With another air quality forecasting season now in full swing, the St. Louis region is still reeling from the results of the American Lung Association’s (ALA) 2012 State of the Air report which ranked St. Louis as one of most polluted cities in the nation. This dreary […]

EarthWorms Castings

by Jean Ponzi

You Too Can Be A Weiner;
A Father’s Day Golfing Tribute

My dad, Bert Ponzi, loved the game of golf. He loved to play it – and yak about it – with his golfing buddies. He recorded golf tournaments and watched them on TV.

He supplemented his music teacher’s income, through our family’s early years, […]

Eyes, Ears, Skin, OH MY!

by Dr. Doug Pernikoff, DVM

Spring and early summer often kick off seasonal allergies in our pets. The term we use in veterinary medicine is ‘atopy’, referring to a generalized allergic condition. There are any number of factors that can trigger chronic scratching, rubbing of eyes and shaking of your pet’s head, as if […]

For Peace and Serenity, Try Falling Water

St. Louis Water Gardening Society
Pond-O-Rama Set For June 23-24

There is nothing so calming and peaceful as the sound of gently moving water. If it doesn’t exist in their current environments, members of the St. Louis Water Gardening Society create their own serenity in backyard gardens—and once a year, they are willing to show everyone how […]

Healthy Planet Happenings

Through August 19
Art by day, magic by night; Missouri Botanical Garden; 314-577-5100 or visit www.mobot.org/lanternfestival. See story page 3.

Beginning June 1
the Saint Louis Science Center will present Amazing Nano Worlds!, a new exhibition that delves into the science of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter […]

Insulin Therapy for other than Diabetes: Insulin Potentiation Therapy

by Simon Yu, MD

Insulin has been known to the medical community and the public primarily for the management of diabetes. However, is there any indication of insulin therapy for other than diabetes? I heard a lecture over ten years ago on Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). I had forgotten about the lecture. I thought it was […]

Is Functional Medicine Right For YOU?

By Debbie Haikal, RN,
Functional Medicine Specialist

Functional Medicine offers:
• Science-based medical alternatives, especially for patients with difficult to manage conditions or autoimmune diseases.
• Medical testing to evaluate the body as an interconnected whole.
• Dietary plans and natural compounds to address underlying causes and inflammation.

Functional Medicine is scientific. It offers alternative options for patients with difficult to […]

Kids Summer Cooking Classes

L’Ecole Academy for Culinary Development chefs know all the best ways to teach kids kitchen basics in a fun and exciting environment. Parents and caregivers can be sure their own young chefs are learning their way around the kitchen this summer by enrolling them in the L’Ecole Academy Young Chef summer cooking program.

This […]

Kirkwood Chicken Chat With Garden Expert P. Allen Smith

by Linda Wiggen Kraft

I sat next to Hazelnut, a Black Star chicken, at the Chicken Chat in Kirkwood recently. While most of the people there were chicken owners and lovers who raise chickens in their backyards, I was one of the few chickenless gardeners.

This was no ordinary Chicken Chat. It was a […]

Lantern Festival Comes Alive At Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Garden brings an unprecedented international exhibition to St. Louis for a limited run this summer. “Lantern Festival: Art by Day, Magic by Night” features elaborate, illuminated works of art from China. The striking sets, crafted primarily of colorful silks and molded steel, showcase Chinese culture, traditions and symbolism through larger-than-life displays lit […]


Michael Webb Teaches Prajna Yoga at YogaSoure

Michael Webb teaches a style of yoga known as Prajna Yoga, taught to him by master teacher Tias Little. The word prajna is a sanskrit word meaning insight, deep understanding and wisdom. This style of yoga emerged as Tias integrated the alignment principles of BKS Iyengar with the breath awareness and flow of […]

Native Shrubs For Your Landscape

story & photo by Cindy Gilberg

Shrubs are an integral part of the overall picture when it comes to creating structure in good garden design. They serve to visually fill the ‘middle ground’ and help to unify the larger structural elements such as the house, patio and trees. Walls and fences can be softened with plantings […]

Planting Under Trees: There’s a Right Way, and a Wrong Way – You Get to Choose

by Kim Reiss,
Manager Sugar Creek Gardens

It’s easy and safe to garden under trees, as long as you keep a handful of guidelines in mind:

• Contrary to popular belief, most trees have fairly shallow roots, with some trees having roots that you can downright trip over, like Sugar Maples. Do some gentle exploratory digging to find […]


Publisher’s Corner

A Proud Father Passes The Baton

I am writing this just days before the wedding of my first born daughter, Natalie. It seems only yesterday that I was spitting cotton balls out of the mouth of a Muppet hand puppet and making her laugh. Or she would scold the puppet for trying to bite her. “Don’t […]

St. Louis Extraordinary People Series Hosts Marianne Williamson, June 16

by Stacy Hunsicker, Director,
St. Louis Extraordinary People Lecture Series
Publisher, Yoga & Spa Magazine

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer who will be presenting in St. Louis, Saturday, June 16th. Tickets are still available. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 […]

Stop Losing Money in Your Home – Local Homeowners SAVED Up!

Anne Klein of Webster Groves knew her furnace and air conditioner were a little outdated, but had no idea that old heating and air conditioning units were costing her hundreds of extra dollars a year. After investing in an energy audit for her house, Anne replaced her 22 year old systems with new high […]

The Art of Relating

with Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW,
Therapist & Relationship Coach

The Story of My Dad

Go to www.TheArtofRelatingBook.com
to purchase my book
Sign up for the monthly newsletter and listen to the “featured” radio show, get free relationship tips and preview the upcoming Healthy Planet article.

For those of you who do not know, my father passed away a few weeks ago. […]

Volunteers Needed as YMCA Book Fair Rapidly Approaches

Thousands of St. Louis area residents have been finding new friends in old books at the YMCA Bookfair for 33 years, and that tradition continues August 17-22, 2012 at the Kennedy Recreation Complex.

Started in 1978 by a group of dedicated Y volunteers, the YMCA Bookfair has grown into a massive, six-day event for book lovers. […]