St. Louis Extraordinary People Series Hosts Marianne Williamson, June 16

by Stacy Hunsicker, Director,
St. Louis Extraordinary People Lecture Series
Publisher, Yoga & Spa Magazine

Marianne Williamson is an internationally acclaimed author and lecturer who will be presenting in St. Louis, Saturday, June 16th. Tickets are still available. Six of her ten published books have been New York Times Best Sellers. Four of these have been #1 New York Times Best Sellers. A Return to Love, my personal favorite as it changed my life in 1998 when a friend gave it to me shortly after my first husband died, is considered a must-read of “The New Spiritual-ity.” Meaning simply, a new way of thinking. A paragraph from that book, beginning “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…” – often misattributed to Nelson Mandela’s Inaugural address – is considered an anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers. Marianne’s latest New York Times Best Seller is A Course in Weight Loss: 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever. A Course in Weight Loss was selected by Oprah to be one of her Favorite Things in 2010. The first chapter of this book alone will shift your relationship with food! Marianne’s other books include The Age of Miracles, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, Illuminata, Healing the Soul of America and The Gift of Change.

She has been a popular guest on television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Charlie Rose.

Marianne is a native of Houston, Texas. In 1989, she founded Project Angel Food, a meals-on-wheels program that serves home bound people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area. Today, Project Angel Food serves over 1,000 people daily.
In December 2006, a NEWSWEEK magazine poll named Marianne Williamson one of the fifty most influential baby boomers. According to Time magazine, “Yoga, the Cabala and Marianne Williamson have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity.”

An all day workshop is a unique opportunity with Marianne Williamson and we are receiving this gift right here in St. Louis on June 16th. Join us and give yourself this life changing gift. Marianne will inspire you and provide tools and discourses to enable you to break through fear that blocks you from living a miraculous life. Learn to break free from fear on a daily basis. Learn to heal your mind, body and spirit so that you may be an instrument of peace and truly help love the world back to health. Call for tickets 314-965-6133 or order online at www.eventbrite.com/stlouisextraordinarypeoplelectureseries.

Speaker Coming Fall of 2012 with the St. Louis Extraordinary People Lecture Series
Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, will be in St. Louis October 5, 6 & 7th for an intimate weekend workshop. Tickets go on sale June 16th at the Marianne Williamson event. $275 if purchased by August 1st. $350 after August 1st. Seating at this event will be limited at a smaller venue.

Julia Cameron has had a remarkable career, which in turn has given remarkable help to others. Herself an award-winning poet, playwright, and filmmaker, she has written thirty books, ranging from her widely-praised, hard-hitting crime novel The Dark Room to her volumes of children’s poems and prayers. Despite her extensive film and theater credits, which include such diverse work as Miami Vice and the prize-winning romantic comedy God’s Will, which she both wrote and directed, Cameron is best known for her hugely successful works on creativity. The Artist’s Way has sold more than two million copies worldwide, and her followup bestsellers The Vein of Gold, Walking in this World and The Right to Write are likewise flagship books which are taught in universities, churches, human potential centers and even in tiny clusters deep in the jungles of Panama.

Credited with founding a new human potential movement that has enabled millions to realize their creative dreams, Cameron eschews the title creativity expert, preferring instead to describe herself simply as an artist. “Artists have always mentored, I just do it on a wider scale.”

You do not have to be an artist or even striving to be an artist to reap the benefits of Julia Cameron’s teachings. You may want to grow your business, find your soul mate, move to San Fransisco, travel the world or maybe you do want to make a living selling your artwork. This weekend workshop with Julia Cameron will take your life to new levels in all areas. I recently completed a one year Artist’s Way mentor group in St. Louis that changed my life forever. It gave me the tools and support to continue living my dream life, expand my vision and relationships. Start writing down how your dream life would look and prepare to be transported to that new life after attending the workshop in October. I know many of you are already familiar with The Artist’s Way, read the book, studied in groups and are living your visions. Now you can spend a weekend with the original Mentor!

Call 314-965-6133 for Artist’s Way introductory groups forming in St. Louis to enhance the weekend workshop in October. If you have a vision for your life that you would like to see manifest now, join an Artist’s Way group or simply come to the workshop for support in living your vision. Why wait? Life is short. We get one life. This is not a dress rehearsal. IT’S SHOW TIME, PEOPLE!