Articles from ‘May 2020’ Issue

2020 Sustainable Backyard Tour Cancelled

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to grow, it has become apparent to the Sustainable Backyard Network that we cannot in good conscience continue to plan for a June Sustainable Backyard Tour this year.

We are disappointed to have to make this decision, but the 10th Annual Sustainable Backyard Tour, originally set for June 14, 2020, […]

A Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to reevaluate so much of our lives, to focus on those we love, and what is important. As an act of self-preservation and as an act of service to our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow Americans it is imperative that we now, more than ever, […]

ARTful Living

St. Louis Area Fine Arts, Crafts & Performing Arts

Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky, Arts Editor

Let Art Online Help You Out Of The Doldrums

Much as I liked reading Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, we all now agree that falling down the rabbit hole is no fun. The Covid-19 virus has kept us cooped up too long, […]

Canine Ehrichiosis

By Teresa Garden, DVM

Canine Ehrlichiosis is a worldwide tick-borne disease caused by the rickettsial organism Ehrlichia canis.

Ehrlichia lives and multiplies inside ticks. Rhipicephalus sanguineus is the tick that transmits Ehrlichia to dogs. Other hosts for the disease include wild canids and cats. These ticks love warm climates but are considered nonseasonal. Ticks are tough and […]

Coalition Report: Pollution Prevention in an Age of COVID-19

By Sienna Tuinei, MCE InternCoalition for the Environment


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on March 26 a temporary policy relaxing enforcement in reaction to the evolving COVID-19 crisis. While the EPA says the policy change does not give a license to pollute, it waives many reporting and testing requirements that alert the public to their exposure […]

Conservation Corner

Lighting Bugs, Glowing Insects with a Dark Side

By Dan Zarlenga, Missouri Department of Conservation

There’s something magical about seeing a mass of fireflies pulsing in a field. It’s almost as if a cluster of stars descended twinkling from the sky. Fireflies are a real treat starting as early as May. But did you know fireflies aren’t really […]

Healthy Planet Spring Natural Living Expo Goes Virtual During Month Of May

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and the State-wide stay-at-home order, the Healthy Planet Spring Natural Living Expo will go virtual during the entire month of May at www.thehealthyplanet.com. You will be able to go to our website’s homepage and click on the Virtual Natural Living Expo button and it will take you to the Expo. […]

Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents: Reopening What Kind Of Economy?

By Tom Braford

As we contemplate the reopening of our economy, let’s consider what kind of economy we are reopening and what else is possible.

Is it going to be the same old economy on steroids, where a small business is considered any company with fewer than five hundred employees? Will it be one where most people […]

Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske; Naturalist

Healing With Nature

We have a basic cellular need to be in Nature. This has become obvious with people seeking sanctuary outside in Nature during this pandemic. Nature is welcoming us back into a relationship. 

With many of us staying put, traveling less and walking more, the waters are healing and the air is clearing. […]

Perspectives On Coronavirus

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 has spread across our communities there are still limited treatments available. 

Here are some steps that can be taken to boost your immune system and to aid in treating viruses. 

Immune enhancing suggestions

Get plenty of rest – sleep is essential for a healthy immune system. Maintain a healthy diet rich […]

Publisher’s Corner

S.O.S. … A Note from a “Real” Small Business;

Needless to say, times are tough. The month of May is going to be a time of great trial for all citizens of the world. As people clamor to get back to some sense of normalcy, it appears we might be turning the corner on the COVID-19 […]

St. Louis Goes Green! Earth Day Ecochallenge Team

Did We Make It to #1 Worldwide?

by Fredericka Brandt,USGBC-Missouri Gateway Chapter Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

As of mid-April when writing this article, our St. Louis Goes Green! Earth Day Ecochallenge team was ranked 13 out of 735 teams worldwide. WOW! Over 8,000 participants have joined the Ecochallenge community of changemakers since April 1 to create a […]

St. Louis Once Again Avoids Landing On “Most Ozone-Polluted” U.S. Cities List

Article courtesy of the Clean Air Partnership

The American Lung Association’s 2020 State of the Air report is out, and the data reveals that more cities across the U.S. experienced high ozone days and increased levels of particle pollution compared to the years covered by the 2019 report (2015-2017). For the fourth consecutive year, the St. […]

The Art of Relating

By Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW 

Do Your Work Before Getting Married


Now Offering Video Sessions on Phone or Laptop

This Coronavirus affects people in all kinds of ways we often do not think about. I have several clients who have had to postpone their spring wedding plans. This has been understandably upsetting to them, with no idea of when […]

The Physical Touch of Nature, Needed Now More Than Ever

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

Tree hugging has been somewhat of a joke in our society, yet an April 2020 report in the Iceland Review states: “The Icelandic Forestry Service is encouraging people to hug trees while social distancing measures prevent them from hugging other people.” 

We are a society now able to stay connected via phones and […]

There Couldn’t Be A Better Time To Connect With Nature… and Forrest Keeling Nursery!

Winter will pass, the days will lengthen, the ice will melt in the pasture pond. The song sparrow will return and sing, the frogs will awake, the warm wind will blow again. All these sights and sounds and smells will be yours to enjoy… this lovely world, these precious days…” ~ E.B. White, “Charlotte’s Web”

With […]

Welcome to the very first Healthy Planet Virtual Natural Living Expo!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to cancel our traditional Natural Living Expo on March 29, 2020. We decided to bring you many of those exhibitors here, virtually, for you to browse and discover many resources that will help you live a healthier and more sustainable life. At each booth you will find a live link […]