Articles from ‘Health and Wellness’ Issue

The House of Wonder by a Quack: Upton Sinclair on Abrams and Frequency Specific Micro-Current

by Simon Yu, MD

In case you never heard of Doctor Albert Abrams of San Francisco, he was considered one of the notorious quack medical doctors in the early 20th century in America. He received a medical degree from the University of Heidelberg in 1882 at age 18-20 and he devised what may be the greatest […]

Weight Issues Can Eat Away At Our Relationships

By Cheryl Wasserman, MA, LPC, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor

Do you fear intimacy with another person due to the possibility of rejection? Do you find it safer to be intimate with a hot fudge sundae than a person? After all, it won’t reject or leave you. It won’t say, “No”. It’s always there for you when […]

What Do Cancer & Arthritis Have In Common?

By Dr. Alethea Eller

Let’s take a closer look at the major diseases that seem to affect our general population. The biggest players here are: Diabetes, Arthritis, Allergies, Bowel disorders, Heart Disease and Cancer. It may not seem obvious to you, however these diseases all have something in common. Every single one of these disorders is […]