What Do Cancer & Arthritis Have In Common?

By Dr. Alethea Eller

Let’s take a closer look at the major diseases that seem to affect our general population. The biggest players here are: Diabetes, Arthritis, Allergies, Bowel disorders, Heart Disease and Cancer. It may not seem obvious to you, however these diseases all have something in common. Every single one of these disorders is fundamentally inflammatory in nature.

It has been said that we are an “Inflammation Nation”. I agree. Americans suffer so much from unmanaged and often unseen inflammation. How many of you can’t get through your day without popping some sort of over the counter NSAID commonly known as ibuprofen. It may help…… temporarily. Where is your inflammation coming from and how can you decrease it?

There are many contributors to having too much inflammation. Looking for the cause, research continually points the finger in the direction of our diet. If food can be the cause, then food can be the cure.

Foods that nourish you and help fight off excess inflammation are fruits, veggies, gluten-free grains, and nuts and seeds. Pile up your plate with these goodies God created and you will find yourself feeling great and causing healing in your body.

Some foods increase the inflammatory response in your body known as the “inflammatory cascade” in biochemistry. Animal meat that is high in saturated fat as well as dairy are causes. Also carefully consider how processed your food choice is. Whole grains are great for you, however as they get refined, they become more inflammatory to your body. White refined flour like the stuff in cakes and pastries as well as refined sugar create an immediate inflammatory reaction when eaten. Try going without the white stuff (white flour & white sugar) for one week and you will see for yourself the impact it has on your body.

Next, add a top-notch fish oil to your daily routine. Careful with this one! Not all supplements are created equal. Research is showing that some very popular omega products actually increase inflammation.

Keep it all in balance! Acknowledging that your food choices affect how you feel is the first step in transforming your health.

Dr. Alethea Eller practices at Innovative Health Partners in Chesterfield MO. Her practice specializes in connecting symptoms to find the underlying cause of illness. Dr. Eller chooses to work with homeopathy, nutrition and body work to allow better health to be expressed. Find out more at www.innovativehp.com.

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