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Hidden Lessons From The Pandemic

Dr. Amy Davis

By Dr. Amy Davis, MD

This chaotic time of COVID-19 is full of challenges. Initially there was fear and little information about this new strain of coronavirus. The “experts” had a different opinion daily with inconsistent advice. The lockdown was rapidly implemented. Schools and universities closed. E-learning began. Parents had to adjust rapidly to this while trying to work from home. Social distancing and mask wearing were implemented. Shortages were experienced. Important events were missed – graduations, proms, weddings, birthdays and even funerals. So many rapid adjustments and loss has created a great deal of stress. 

It’s been a rare opportunity to slow down and figure out what is most important in life and to find peace. What a gift! It is like stepping back to simpler times when cell phones and the internet didn’t exist and our society was less busy, more connected. I am incredibly grateful for the lessons learned. 

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Publisher’s Corner

JB Lester

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”

During these times of pandemic and social injustice, our resolve as human beings is being tested like never before. The challenges of life and death have hit close to home and yet many choose to deny or at least retreat from the realities of the day. A pandemic is not a crapshoot or a game of chance. Black lives matter because human rights matter. We are compelled to look deep inside our souls, identify and purge demons of bigotry and racism that divide us as a people. We are also being challenged to protect ourselves while protecting others by wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing during this ongoing covid-19 crisis. We may have grown tired of the virus but the virus has not grown tired of us. These current challenges have taken many of us to the emotional brink, but we must persevere. Justice must be served and reforms made so we can all live equal and safe under the law and in our hearts. There is more than one virus among us and the best medicine is understanding and self-reflection. Only through personal examination will real reform become possible. Laws and regulations will not change minds and hearts alone. Social reform needs to originate inside each and every one of us. 

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Earthworms’ Castings

Jean Ponzi

With Jean Ponzi

Not Flushable!

Why can a product make a false label claim that causes real damage?

Flushable as a claim on cleaning wipes is one of the worst around today. But we want that convenience of flushing “away.” So we buy the product, and its load of false claim.

Our Metropolitan Sewer District – and wastewater utilities everywhere – are dealing with the crappy effects of this bum information as they have to root out giant globs of supposedly flushable product from the systems we rely on to purify water, upstream and downstream from us. 

This is bad. But it’s worse when the clog in YOUR home’s sewer pipe backs up merde into personal spaces. Either way, it’s a problem we have.

And one we can ALL plunge in and eliminate!

MSD made a terrific ad, Wipes Clog Pipes, that converted me to a Flush TP Only Advocate. You want to look this up online. The piece brilliantly (OK, by the humor standards of a 5th grade boy, which I blush to admit are the same as mine) portrays the drama when a guy on the throne runs out of bathroom tissue and reaches for a wipe. 

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Managing Seasonal Allergies: Prevention & Treatment

Ian Wahl

By Ian Wahl, Clinical Director, St. Louis Allergy Relief Center

We thrill at the blooming colors of spring and the warmth of summer. But we’re not so thrilled with the seasonal allergies that follow. Seasonal allergies are common and there is no cure. However, specific prevention strategies can help ease discomfort and control the symptoms. Allergy-prone people need to understand what causes their allergies, what supplements could be taken instead of drugs, and how controlling their surrounding environment can reduce their symptoms.

This summer, many seasonal allergy sufferers worry that their symptoms, which may be similar to COVID-19, are signals of a more deadly disease. This article is only about managing your seasonal allergies to relieve your allergy symptoms. However, you can read Seasonal Allergy vs. Covid-19 Symptoms at https://stlouisallergyrelief.com/allergy-symptoms-vs-covid-19-symptoms/

1. Key strategies to help you prevent seasonal allergiesLimit your time outdoors – Allergists love to say the only sure way to manage seasonal allergies is to stay indoors when the pollen count has increased beyond normal levels. Pollen is usually at its peak from 5 am until 10 am and then again at dusk. Staying inside, especially on windy days and during early morning or early evening hours, will help reduce allergic triggers.

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Garden Gnomes: Nature Spirits Of The Earth

Garden Gnomes

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

There’s more than meets the eye to the small round faced bearded garden gnomes who sport pointed red hats and mischievous smiles. Garden gnomes come from the land of enchantment and have been found in myth and folklore throughout the ages. 

The first written and named description of gnomes came at the end of the Renaissance in the late 1500s when Paracelsus, who was a physician, philosopher and alchemist, wrote about the ethereal nature spirits who guide and guard each of the four elements. 

Paracelsus described gnomes as nature spirits of the earth element. They, like fairies, are made of subtle ethereal invisible matter only seen by a few. Children are often able to see these invisible realms with “seeing” eyes and hearts. Most adults cannot see into these realms. 

Although there are various sizes of gnomes in this invisible world, the most common are like those depicted in the physical form of garden gnomes. They are usually pudgy mischievous little creatures twelve to eighteen inches tall, with long white beards wearing tall red pointed hats. Gnomes were, and still are, seen as helpers around the farms and gardens. Gnomes work with the mineral world not only guarding gold and gems, but also providing the minerals to plants to enliven their colors and health. Gnomes work and travel through the earth as easily as humans walk through air. They are often depicted as miners, like the seven dwarfs in Snow White but their work doesn’t require digging into the earth. 

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