Magic Moments In The Garden

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

It is the magic moments of a garden that sustain our human heart and soul, and connect our deepest core to nature. Without that deep connection we can never truly know the beauty and power of a garden.

Most often these moments are quiet, subtle and everyday, but magical none the less. Planting a seed and watching it grow, seeing its flower and from that flower comes a sweet fruit that delights all the senses, is magic enough. But other times magic moments go beyond logic.

Often butterflies, Insects and birds will land on, or fly very close to a person as if to say hello. Plants will move a leaf or flower when no wind is present, as if to signal something. Once while photographing a flower that hung down in its natural way of growing, I lamented that fact and wished it would grow upward for easier picture taking. I left to do other things and upon returning a half hour later, the flower had lifted its face. A healing garden was being created for a woman who had breast cancer. She knew nothing about plants, but one night dreamed of plants that are used in curing cancer including annual vinca and birch for her garden. A fifty-foot tree fell the day after the gardener wished for more sun for the nearby vegetable garden, and in that fall not one other plant was hurt. These kinds of stories go on an on.

How to experience the magic of a garden? It takes two things. The first is to create a garden that becomes a diverse abundant community. It starts with healthy soil teaming with life. The trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals are planted to bring more life by providing food and shelter for insects, birds and other creatures, including humans. The sun, rain and wind are also part of this community, and the garden works with them to nourish life.

The second thing needed to find magic moments in a garden is to spend time there with an open heart, open mind and open senses. Often taking a moment to breathe deeply and let awareness come to the present only, helps set the stage for truly seeing the garden. Acknowledge that all parts and life of the garden have their own awareness, energy and power. Ask to be open to and receive these energies, so that your experience in this community becomes a communion. Keep this openness as often as possible, whether working in the garden or just sitting. The magic of the garden will come to you.

Linda Wiggen Kraft is a mandala artist and garden designer who uses the wisdom of many traditions in her work. Visit her website: www.gardensforthesoul.com or (314) 504-4266.