The Price that Comes with Love

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
The Healthy Planet Staff Writer

The love that we could feel for others can at times seem inconceivable that we have the capacity to feel such a complex emotion, but with this great emotion comes with a price, which is grief.

We create relationships with the people around us like family, friends, and significant others with love being the foundation of those relationships.

However, life is a cycle of love and loss because these relationships could end such as we could lose touch with one another, go our separate ways, or even the passing of a loved one. Love comes with loss and grief where this could make us believe that the price of love is too great to suffer many times in only one lifetime, but loving someone is never a waste.

For a time, grief will become a void in our heart which was once a place where love lived. When we experience love the cost will always be grief, but it is always worth it in order to be able to feel the complexities of love, as it reminds us of life’s greatest treasure of being able to love and to be loved.

Our world is impermanent and it is inevitable that we will experience the tragedy of loss, but that is the reality we must learn to live in and to love.

Although the price of love is costly, what would we be if we could never love? Perhaps not being able to love would help us to avoid having to face grief, but the true suffering would be in never being able to know what love is and being able to learn the cost that comes with it, and still being able to choose to love despite knowing the pain that comes with it.

The decision in choosing to love will never go to waste because it is what makes us feel alive. It is what makes life worth living for to be able to love and be loved. This shows us that although nothing is ever permanent we can enjoy where our love leads us, as our memories will serve us to remember the different types of love that we have experienced throughout our lives.