Power of Story

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

 I want to talk about the power of story. Just as it is important to move your body, it is important to tell your story and tell your families stories.

In families, stories get lost and often secrets remain. 

If we think about it, what family doesn’t deal at some time with loss, embarrassing situations, small petty crimes and bigger ones, someone with a disability or that has been institutionalized for health issues, mental health issues, etc. Usually when such things happen, we don’t like to talk about those things, and we want to just go on. The problem is that when we do that, there never gets to be healing conversations between people involved in hurt and betrayal, for example. Those pains remain hidden inside of us, slowly eroding our health and our lives and the quality of our lives. Then the next generation develops issues related to the original traumas such as depression, addiction, anxiety, failed relationships, and health. Hurts need to find some kind of resolution.

So, hearing stories, telling your story helps not only you to heal, but helps others to have ideas as to what happened initially that may have created the very issue you carry. It gives you insight and awareness that your issue may not have started with you.

So, tell your story. I will tell one of mine through a poem I wrote as part of a memoir to my family.


Then there came the time

When he got tangled in white collar crime

I ask, was it his mind that had begun to unravel?

His words also disappeared and became all scrambled

And then one day I got a call,

In it I could tell he was really enthralled

“Come meet us for dinner,

we have become winners”

He went to Amsterdam as part of a big international scam

These people, they befriended him

He gave them his trust

And then he gave them all of his and others’ money

Family, friends and patients alike

All the fake money and friends became his honeys.

With this began a new trend

From then on the scammers were his friends

Nigerian, European, and even a trip to Paris they financed

They had to clean the money that dad took from others in advance

He took from his friends, his patients and even his colleagues

Their trust in him made them believe

Promising them much money in return he was out of his league

He was very sincere

But soon it all did disappear

He lost it all, lost everything

He lost his house and his car

And then he sold everything more

My brother lent him money to keep his house

Next thing I know mom and he were kicked out

This was all for his legacy which was really a lunacy

His mind is without words

His trust and judgment in others impaired

He was left with nothing

His mind all a crumble, and he wasn’t a dime spared

He took from others as he himself was taken

From this there was no way he could awaken

White collar crime, all for a dime

Ah what a time it was

His mind now lost and a jumble

Share yours. And if you would like some guidance or assistance in understanding yours or telling yours, set up a session: gail@bodypresencing.com., 314-995-9755