REMAINS: Giving Textiles a Second Chance

Did you know 6.3% of the waste stream is clothing and household textiles? Did you know the average person throws away 81 lbs. of clothing annually? Remains purchases and processes unwanted donations from charities, thrift stores, communities and gives 40- 50xxx lbs. of used clothing/household linens a second life in the reuse, rag, and fiber markets. Founded in 1981 as a used clothing boutique, Remains evolved into a vintage wholesaler, and now a processor for reuse/recycle. The growth from a small van processing up 500 lbs. a day to 50,000+ per day was supported by grant funding through St. Louis Jefferson County Solid Waste District, DNR and St. Louis County. Remains currently is located on what was an abandoned contaminated battery plant. 50% of the property has been remediated(recycled) and plans are in the works to remediate(recycle) the rest of the property. Call to Action! Support your local charities and thrift stores! Donate in season items: Reuse, reduce, recycle! Contact Remains for a fundraising collection drive to capture textile waste and generate funds for your group! We supply the trailer! Remains is a member of Missouri Recycling Association (MORA) and the Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART). Both organizations have great resources for Reuse/Reduce/Recycling!