Be Proud of Your Survival

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

No one could have ever expected the life trauma that they would live through, and the reality of those experiences becoming more alive when we reflect on those memories that impacted the person that we were. Not only were those traumas upsetting in their present, but we continue having to push through those memories in order to survive.

Despite everyone going through traumas that have similarities, everyone goes through their own personal experiences that impacts them distinctively and no one can truly conceptualize a person’s entire life experiences since it is unique to each and every one of us. In the midst of the experiences that we faced we also had to deal with our own internal battles with ourselves that impacted our emotions, mental health, and hindered the image that we had of ourselves. Then the battles never ended there, as we embarked on our next journey to heal and grow, in order to be able to be where we stand today.

On this new journey we could change who we are, choose to try and erase the memories that haunt us, but we will never be granted the opportunity to forget what happened to us and rather we are only given the chance to fight for our survival.

Eventually, we do make it out onto the other side but we forget to acknowledge our survival since we became accustomed to always having to fight. When we are forced into a position that pressures us to have to save ourselves we forget what it is like to live in peace, but we learn that serenity is within our reach through our healing and survival.

The life path that we embarked on was never meant to be linear, but rather would have a change of pace to mold us to be where we stand today. Ultimately, the aftermath of your healing is a reminder that you fought to survive even at times when you felt like giving up, when it felt like your life was purposely stacking barriers to break you. Instead you dismantled every obstacle that kept you away from your peace, and here you are to be able to say that you fought to save yourself, made it out, and survived.

Now it is time to be proud of your survival.