The Light Within

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

As I sit here gazing obliquely into the sun
Feeling its rays illuminate my hair
Lightening my whole being who before just now didn’t know it needed to be 
It is a time I need to be led; to be taken by the hand
To move to the next dimension of my being
And show me from which I am made
Seeing myself, not as something static
But literally jumping inside with light and movement and space
How spacious we all are
There is so much room to move and flow and adjust and adapt
And dance and scream and cry and console and jump and bump
And hug and thrive and do the jive
Whenever you feel lost and lonely and confused, close your eyes

Feel your light within and let it dance
Feel your light within and dance with it. I work with individuals and small groups to know and own their own light and to be as healthy and vital as possible. Aligning and integrating all parts of ourselves, be it physical, emotional or spiritual allows us to truly be ourselves.

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