2023 Perennial of The Year

By Abby Lapides

 Stand By Me Clematis – Thousands of open bell flowers bloom nonstop until frost! 

Stand By Me Bush Clematis paints the garden with gorgeous bell-shaped flowers for months. In late May masses of the clear blue, adorable flowers adorn its 1-2′ tall stems, looking like perfect little hats for garden fairies. This strong bloom continues well through June. It continues to flower with a lighter bloom for the remainder of the summer into October. Its fantastic flowers, tremendous vigor, and proven performance make it a superior variety. Though it shares similar flowers with climbing Clematis, Bush Clematis does not climb and is used as a perennial or as a perennial ground cover in the garden.

Bush-type Clematis benefits from staking or support from neighboring plants. If given no support, Stand By Me will turn into a rambling ground cover. A great choice for planting under vining Clematis where it can use the already established support system. It also looks fabulous against fences or if given support a striking focal point in garden beds. Versatile in containers, Stand By Me will make a delightful trailer, or if staked, be a stately centerpiece. You and butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and other important pollinators will be delighted by its continuous bloom. Growing instructions: plant in rich soil or soil that has been amended with organic matter. This Clematis prefers full sun to light shade. For best results keep consistently watered, especially when plants are setting up buds and blooming. In late winter or early spring, they can be trimmed down to 3-4” tall. New shoots should emerge from the crown beneath the soil. A long-lived perennial.

Find Stand By Me Clematis at Sugar Creek Gardens plant nursery in Kirkwood, Missouri. For descriptions, plant images and growing instructions for Stand By Me Clematis and many other plants visit online at www.sugarcreekgardens.com.

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