Growing Up Psychic

By Kare of Kare Reiki a Metaphysical Center

Growing up, I had many psychic experiences. They varied in type. I dreamt, I knew things, and I saw things. There were many times it would be something that seemed insignificant to me. I knew who would win the World Series in 1984; the Detroit Tigers took the title. Maybe I knew that because I lived in the area. I just remember that was one of the strong “knowing” feelings I had.

I remember telling my mother about my psychic knowingness. I wasn’t sure how she would react but I needed to talk about it. She was supportive and shared the fact that she too had psychic experiences. Now, I know that it is common for it to run in families.

Dreams have always been significant to me. This is a way I receive some of my psychic information. In my teenage years, I had the same dream repeat over and over again. It was a dream in which I was in a situation that was dangerous and I needed to get away. Experiencing that dream many times over allowed me to change my actions and figure out how to “get away”. When the real-life situation presented itself, I was ready. I took the actions of the dream and got away. I came out of it, shaken, but safe.

I have other types of dreams also. Sometimes I dream of someone I haven’t seen in a long time, even since high school. Then, I find out they have left the physical world. These dreams are actually visitation dreams from Spirit. I believe they come to me not because we were close in life, but because I am a Medium and have the ability to connect with The Spirit World.

Sometimes, I see Spirit. I have seen Angels, people, and glimmers of the Other Side. These have appeared and been seen by my “eyes”. Most of the time, these appear as opaque white hues. The overwhelming feeling of love is always present with these visions.

One time, I let Spirit take the wheel. I had been driving and lost control of my car due to slick conditions, and I let go of the steering wheel. I watched as the wheel turned by itself and missed all of the cars around me. I did not hit anyone! At some point I remember my hands grabbing the wheel again and driving behind a building to regain my composure. Thank you, Spirit!

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