Blessing or a Lesson?

Christina Staff

How Replacing Curiosity with Certainty Leads to Growth

By Christina Staff,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

When did we stop becoming curious about other people? When did we stop trying to use life’s teachings as a way to evolve ourselves? A popular podcast I listen to offered this perspective, “Certainty is the enemy of curiosity.” Everyone you encounter offers an opportunity to learn something about the world, or about yourself. Valuable knowledge doesn’t always come from the pursuit of higher education, but instead from life experiences and the people we meet along the way. Will that curiosity unveil a blessing or a lesson? Maybe both.

If you stop to consider the people who cross our paths are there to teach us something about ourselves, you gain a new outlook that begs, “What is it I need to learn from this moment or this person?” Could it be a lesson in gratitude or one of compassion and tolerance? We’ll meet people who challenge our values and others who reaffirm them. It can be overwhelming, even uncomfortable at times, and the lessons often continue presenting themselves until we’ve learned or healed. On the flip side, maybe it’s us who’s been a blessing or a lesson to someone. Chances are you have, though you may not know it.

We see family, friends, neighbors, and strangers often confronted with unthinkable circumstances. Nodding through the conversation, we listen and try our best to offer comfort and put ourselves in their shoes. But, we really have no idea how they truly feel until we’ve walked that walk. In those times, the lesson is to not be quick to judge what we do not understand. Not having faced those situations ourselves is certainly the blessing, as it may soon be our turn. If you have any life experiences at all, you’ll surely agree life has a way of humbling us when we least expect it.

Even more incredible is how people come into our path at a time when we don’t even realize we need them. You think you are fine and even joke about such. “Everything is fine. I’m fine, it’s all fine.” In reality, you’re anything but fine, but the presence of that person may be what elevates you from okay, to good, and to one day, great. You’ll notice those who have faced hardships may also be the first to extend the olive branch of good faith, as they, too, recognize the strength it takes to keep going after enduring life’s harshest lessons. You’ll see their integrity shine through their actions, as their lesson then becomes your blessing.

Life experiences, whether blessings or lessons, are invaluable. Even the most trying of lessons may be a blessing that reveals itself in time. Through triumphs and tragedies, celebrations and sorrows, here you are with marks of resilience, confidence, and hopefully some joy sprinkled throughout. We are a reflection of where we’ve been, and the choices we’ve made. Take a look at where you are now. Who and what have you encountered along the way that’s made you who you are? Rest assured there is much more we can learn from others, and when you replace certainty with curiosity, you’re choosing to learn something new everyday; lessons we can’t learn from books.

About the author: As a freelance writer, Christina loves nothing more than providing readers with inspirational, positive, and relatable stories of success through tales of hard work and perseverance. Reach out through email at: christina@christinastaff.com.