Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Strengthen Immunity, Fight Infection & Restore Normal Tissue Function

By Patricia Bauer, NP-C

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) involves breathing pure oxygen in a monitored and pressurized environment. In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the air pressure is typically 1.5 to three times higher (1.5 -3 ATA or atmospheres of pressure) than normal air pressure, allowing the lungs, and thereby the blood, to absorb significantly more oxygen. This is a non-invasive and trusted way to oxygenate all of the tissues of the body. When blood carries extra oxygen, the oxygen helps fight infection, strengthen immunity, and stimulate the repair of tissues to restore normal function.

HBOT brings oxygen-rich blood plasma to damaged tissues, and in clinical studies, has demonstrated that it enhances the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate. It helps reduce the swelling of certain tissues and organs by flooding those tissues with oxygen which can disable the toxins of certain bacteria and help the body resist and conquer infection. The therapy also improves the ability of white blood cells in finding and destroying invaders, and encourages the formation of new collagen and skin cells needed for healing.

Wildwood Integrative Healthcare, Inc., located in Ellisville, Missouri offers both mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy (<1.3 ATAs) and full hyperbaric oxygen therapy (1.4 – 3 ATAs) of pressure.

ATA stands for atmospheres absolute, or the amount of pressure exerted by the weight of the air. During therapy, patients lie in the clear acrylic Perry Baromedical Sigma 34 chamber and breathe normally. They are able to watch television or sleep/rest while undergoing treatment. The chamber is then pressurized slowly creating a temporary feeling of pressure in the ears (similar to the sensation one feels on an airplane flight or at higher elevations). Indications for treatment include severe anemia, acute infection, autism, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, cancer, concussion, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, radiation injury, long covid, skin and bone infections, preparation for and recovery from surgery and more.

Typically, hyperbaric treatments last 60 – 90 minutes; patients are fully monitored the entire time by a hyperbaric nurse. Patients may feel slightly tired, lightheaded or hungry following treatment, but there are no major side-effects that will limit normal activities. To benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, more than one session is recommended. The number of sessions will depend on a patient’s diagnosis and condition.

The Wildwood Integrative Healthcare team includes Patricia Bauer, NP-C, Dr. Mollie James, DO and Barbara Rosenberg, RN. All of the professionals have completed a 40-hour training course from Poseidon Safety International and have passed the required examinations. To find out if hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help you or a loved one visit www.wildwoodintegrativehealthcare.com/hbot/FAQ. To schedule a new patient visit and subsequent HBOT treatments call 636-489-2000.