Plants That Will “Blue” Your Mind

Stand By Me' Bush Clematis

By Abby Lapides

Bring beautiful shades of blue to your garden all summer long with these delights.

‘Stand By Me’ Bush Clematis (pictured). Once it starts blooming it never stops! Stand By Me Bush Clematis paints the garden with dangling bell shaped blue flowers  from late May into October. Its fantastic flowers, tremendous vigor, and proven performance makes it a superior variety that we strongly recommend. Sun perennial.

‘Blue Muffin’ Arrowwood Viburnum. Award winner. Loaded with outstanding attributes, Blue Muffin Arrowwood Viburnum brings fabulous white flowers, glossy green foliage, and wonderful blue berries. Because it’s a selection of the native Arrowwood Viburnum it is tough and easy to grow, needing very little maintenance. Missouri Botanical Garden Plant of Merit winner. Sun to part shade shrub.

‘Blue Glitter’ Sea Holly, Eryngium. Fascinating steel blue flowers. A superior hybrid, its intensely-iridescent blue, spiny flowers appear all summer on tall candelabra-branched stems high above its foliage. Adored by florists and gardeners, the striking flowers add long lasting interest to the garden and cut flower arrangements. Sun perennial.

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