Make Your Spring Cleaning More Sustainable

Republic Services Spring Cleaning

At Republic Services, we believe in partnering with customers for a more sustainable world. Often, that starts right in our own homes. When the weather gets warmer and the flowers start to bloom, that is also the time to dust off your spring-cleaning checklist and get to work sprucing up your place. 

When you’re clearing out the clutter this year, remember to think sustainably. Cardboard boxes, bottles, cartons, cans, and paper are all recyclable. Make sure these items are Empty, Clean and Dry before tossing into your recycle container!

If you’re unsure whether something is recyclable, remember, when in doubt throw it out. About 25% of what consumers throw in their recycling bins shouldn’t be there — these items are either contaminated with food or other residue or they aren’t recyclable in the first place. 

Springtime brings an influx of gardening-related contaminants to recycling facilities. 

  • Garden hoses
  • Plastic flowerpots 
  • Empty mulch bags 

Do not recycle these items! Hoses and plastic bags can tangle in recycling equipment and cause damage. 

Branches, grass clippings and other yard waste also doesn’t belong in the recycling bin – though this material is great for home composting. 

Reuse or repurpose household items for cleaning

Many of the materials around the house can be used for cleaning — and then washed and reused — in place of disposable items. 

  • Instead of using paper towels to clean, try using old towels with your favorite cleaner
  • Ditch the disposable sweeping or mopping pads and try a fuzzy sock as a duster; or use a microfiber cloth with a spray cleaner for mopping. 
  • Stuff an old or mismatched sock with natural scents like cinnamon sticks, lavender, whole cloves, or dried eucalyptus or bay leaves to freshen up a drawer or closet

Just taking a few extra minutes when cleaning out the clutter to determine whether it can be recycled, reused or repurposed can help create a more sustainable household and community!

For more quick and easy guidelines to becoming a better recycler, visit RecyclingSimplified.com.