2022 Missouri Native Plant Of The Year

Pink Muhly Grass

By Abby Lapides

A beautiful Missouri native grass, Pink Muhly Grass, Muhlenbergia capillaris, is adored for its satin-like thin green blades and stunning clouds of rich pink fall flowers. Its tall 12″ wands of airy pinkish-red flowers last for months and remain attractive through winter. Its flowers make beautiful indoor arrangements, and birds love its tasty seeds. Deer resistant. Plants form attractive, compact mounds.

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful native grasses, Pink Muhly Grass looks gorgeous in native gardens, but also shines in more formal settings. This jewel works well in perennial borders, cottage gardens and can be used as a ground cover to cover large areas. Pink Muhly Grass makes an ideal choice for edging driveways, sidewalks, and gardens.

Designated the 2022 Missouri Native Plant Of The Year due to its many outstanding qualities.

Plant in full sun to part shade. Easy to grow in well-drained soils. It grows well in poor soils. Although drought-tolerant, keep well watered until established. Plants will grow tallest with consistent moisture.

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