Nature Wisdom: Winds of Fate

Pat Tuholske

By Pat Tuholske, Naturalist

I watch the wind. As the treetops swirl and tumble upon invisible air currents, I wonder from where the wind blows. I wrap the energy of the winds around me like a cloak of power. Lifting my face to the great sky, I seek what is coming. Early spring is the time of big winds and the season of my birth.

Ancient Celts believed the prevailing wind at the time of your birth influenced your fate. This elusive elemental force greets you with your first breath, initiating your lifetime dance of inward and outward expression. You have a unique destiny. You have a task that can be done by no one else.

Seen as a Circle of Destiny that dwells on the horizon, the winds represent the major areas of human life. North is struggle and conflict; East is home and work; South is art and innovation; West is vision and dreams. The Center of the Circle is the place of wholeness and truth. As you explore this horizon and incorporate its mysteries and blessings into your life, you grow strong and sure in your sense of self. The wind blowing at your birth brings you the virtues needed to meet your challenges.

  • The quality of the North wind is “to wound and be wounded.” Here comes the fated wind of personal battles, conflict, foes, and struggle. You defend beliefs, take a stand and receive the courage to make peace.
  • Wind from the East means you will “never know want”. Prosperity streams from hard work, successful hunts, sharing generosity, giving service. This is the flow between family, friend and coworkers.
  • A Southern Wind brings “music and enchantment”. The Great Inspirer blesses you with insight, self-confidence, creativity, fun, and intimacy. Hear the deep music of the soul.
  • The West Wind brings “food and shelter and nothing more.” A dedicated teacher, this wind lifts the veil of the mystery of life so you may pursue the hidden knowledge behind the ordinary life.
  • No Wind means you will be “unlucky and a fool”. Here lies the challenge of impulsivity. A day with no wind brings the lessons of finding the calm center of your personal truth, sovereignty and responsibility.

A family member may remember the weather on the day you were born. Or you can find the wind directions on your birthday by checking the Weather Underground website. Enter the location of your birth. Click on the History link, fill in your date, view, then scroll down to your birth time. My wind came from the West Southwest at 20 mph. That’s quite a blustery wind! I feel blasted yet blessed with imagination and insight with no choice but to fully embrace the mystical unseen aspects of life.

Claim the gifts of the winds of your birth but also be certain to welcome the winds of each day. The wind spirits influence you throughout your life, bringing you a dream, a warning, a friend or foe. May the winds awaken your never-ending destiny and carry your soul across the vastness of the sky.

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