New Year Tips

Remember YOU are in charge of hiring your Health Care Team
My dear friend Judy said, you would never think to have YOUR kitchen remodeled without first inviting a contractor over to discuss YOUR needs. You would hire that contractor only after YOU felt heard and trusted that they would use their expertise to carry out YOUR requests. Why would you do any less when it comes to your health? YOU must be your own advocate and we are here to help! In 2019, we are seeking and will find Health Professionals that work for YOU and WITH YOU as a team. We invite you on this journey, follow us on FB and Instagram @bluroomwellnesscenter see page 7. Blu Room Wellness Center, 1807 Heritage Hills, Washington, MO. 636-432-1731.

Think About Setting a New Type of Resolution
I would like to encourage everyone to consider adopting a different type of goal this year. This is the goal of shedding the “limiting labels” that you place on yourself. “I’m not thin enough… I’m not pretty enough… I’m not successful enough… I’m not smart enough”, are some that are most commonly adopted. As someone who used to talk this way to myself as well, I also understand that the thought of shedding these internal labels can seem nearly impossible. However, some simple behavioral therapy techniques are all that is needed. Then, as the limiting labels begin to melt away and you begin to remove your self-imposed roadblocks, inertia will take over in many areas and you can achieve your self-designed life. Christine Kniffen, MSW, LCSW
314-374-8396 • www.christinekniffen.com

Take Action for the Animals
Will 2019 be the year the plight of animals is eased because of YOU? Volunteer at an animal shelter! Whether you are motivated because of sadness regarding conditions animals face, an inspiring story of a rescue or anger resulting from an abuse case, take action. Some shrug the stories off, some say “what a shame” and some shed a tear for the suffering but YOU stepped forward and decided to ACT, to HELP, to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! The animals will benefit because you gave your time, your most precious commodity. May you always know the joy of caring and sharing!
Humane Society of Missouri, 1201 Macklind Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110, 314-951-1578.

Be The Ark
for insects, pollinators, birds, bees, and small wildlife of your garden. Their lives depend on the gardens and habitats we protect and create. Some urban areas of the U.S. now have more diversity of insects and pollinators than rural areas. Recent studies in Europe have found a 75% decrease in insect biomass in 25 years. Ask what plants provide the most food and shelter for insects and other creatures? How can I lovingly care for the soil, plants and animals of my garden? The beauty of a garden is in the answers to these questions. Linda Wiggen Kraft is a landscape designer who creates holistic and sustainable gardens, a mandala artist and workshop leader. Visit her blog: CreativityForTheSoul.com/blog or website: www.CreativityForTheSoul.com
314 504-4266.

Do you desire change in your life? What actions are you setting your intention to make? If we want different results, we have to do things differently! I would like to suggest that you look inward. We cannot change other people, only ourselves. We need to Be the change we desire. Maybe you are not sick, but are you enjoying “optimum” health? Why not schedule a thermography screening to monitor your health from a Holistic, Preventive perspective? Learn the self help tools of meditation, self hypnosis and imagery to be your emotional best and enjoy life the way you really desire. Linda Weber Spradling, Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis, medicalthermography-stl.com and Hypnosis of Metro St. Louis, www.hypnotherapymetrostl.com

Shop at Thrift Stores
One in six people are shopping in thrift stores for desire rather than need. So take time to browse purposefully and discover that lampshade that can have a scarf added as an accent or those vintage jeans that can be dissected and turned into a hand bag. You can turn old broken jewelry into new statement items with a glue gun and a little wire. You can be the talk of the town for a fraction of the cost. It pays to be Thrifty.
The Thrifty Hanger at Feed My People Thrift Stores
171 Kingston Drive, St. Louis 63125
3295 Ottomeyer Road, High Ridge 63049

Perennials cost more up front, but yield more over time, and don’t disturb the soil structure year after year like annuals, storing more carbon and lessening your labor! At EarthDance Organic Farm School in Ferguson, we grow over 37 varieties of edible perennials including gooseberries, Nanking cherries, paw paws, pears, Asian pears, and rhubarb. Molly Rockamann, Founding Director, EarthDance
www.earthdancefarms.org. 314.521.1006, earthdancefarms@gmail.com

Celebrate Past Year’s Work
We all look forward to a new outcome with each year, however, let’s celebrate the work that we have done in the previous year. As we move forward in our healing, we can continue to acknowledge the care and consideration of our holistic bodies. Let’s celebrate the discipline, thoughts, actions and work that we have put into ourselves, so that we can freely move into the next phase of healing. You must accept the current you in order to create the new you. Happy Solstice!
Jamila Owens-Todd, Naturopathic Doctor
The Meridian Institute for Naturopathic Therapies
8748 Big Bend Boulevard
Webster Groves, Missouri 63119
(314) 677-4041 • www.minthealth.org

Optimize Your Hormone Levels
Did you know that optimized hormones can improve brain function, increase bone density, protect breast tissue, and improve heart health? Hormonal imbalances are at the root of many of today’s chronic diseases. Let 2019 be the year that you optimize your hormone levels. Hormones are our body’s communication network and without optimal hormone levels we do not function at our best. Most people who have hormone imbalances are unaware, but with proper testing and treatment you can be a happier, healthier, more youthful-feeling you.
T.J. Williams, DC, PhD,The Institute of Natural Health
1034 S. Brentwood Blvd., Suite 415
St. Louis, MO 63117. 314-293-8123

Feed Your Friends and Family
Feed your friends and family at The Art of Entertaining with our Care Package! Choose any FIVE single-serve casseroles and TWO 16-ounce soups for only $40! Stop by The Art of Entertaining Monday through Saturday for a tasty, healthy, low calorie, low sodium or gluten free dinner that is already prepared for your convenience. We use fresh herbs, fruit, spices and vegetables for great flavor without all the fat and calories! Our affordable lunches, dinners, soups and appetizers are made fresh daily! The Art of Entertaining, 8796 Big Bend Rd., 63119, 314-963-9899, www.TheAofE.com

Recycle Schlafly Products
Did you know that you can recycle every aspect of your Schlafly 6-pack from bottle, to cap and carrier? With almost every aspect of our packaging coming from local suppliers, we always encourage you to recycle them, just be sure to rinse out that bottle. The Saint Louis Brewery, The Schlafly Tap Room, 2100 Locust Street, St. Louis, 63103, Schlafly Bottleworks, 7260 Southwest Ave.
St. Louis, 63143, www.schlafly.com

Increase Physical Activity
to help burn off stress and improve overall health. Get the muscles working! Get the heart rate up! Just get moving! Keep it simple. Being on your feet and moving stimulates bone density. Getting the heart rate up strengthens the heart and lungs, along with helping burn off excess calories. Let it evolve into something that you can do as a means to blow off steam in a healthy way. Keep moving! Keep moving! Keep moving! A healthy life depends on it. Dr. Paul Hyland, Committed to Health Chiropractic Center, www.committedtohealth.us

Try New Things
A great way to keep the mind sharp as we age is by doing things that are novel or new on a regular basis. We did it every day when we were children but the act of learning new things tends to fall by the wayside in adulthood. You don’t have to master the new activity; that’s not the point. Trying new things regularly helps us remain flexible and can decrease anxiety in day to day life. So pick up that new hobby in the name of good mental health. And have fun! Emily Hudson, ND, Naturopathic Doctor
5 S. Newstead Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 626-0271. www.emilyhudson.com

Get expert advice and get better results from your skincare. Many people shop for skincare based on trendy ingredients and popular brand names. However, you may be using products that are unsuitable for your skin type, age, and allergies and sensitivities. Apps help a little, but there are thousands of ingredients in skincare products to learn. Instead of playing a guessing game with your skin get advice from skincare professionals who study ingredients and skin health all day. Individualized recommendations can help you stop skin irritation and stop wasting money on products that are not right for you. Julie Longyear, Herbal Chemist and Founder
Blissoma Botanical Beauty, www.blissoma.com
314-771-5006 studio, 314-566-6162 cell.

Our bodies often carry many messages for us and a great way to access them is through meditation. Find a comfortable space and begin to breathe easily through your nose. Let your breath flow and notice where the flow is easy and where it may be more difficult or blocked. As you consciously breathe into that area, is there a message for you? Notice if it is spiritual, physical, or a symbolic one leading you to new awareness? When you have a sense of what is going on, tune back into your breath and welcome yourself to the present. Feel free to contact me to learn more or schedule a session.
gail@bodypresencing.com. 314-995-9755, www.bodypresencing.com

6 Food Allergy Tips for the New Year
1.Read Labels! Unfortunately, your allergen may now be included. 2. Cook with Care! Be extra vigilant this year that there is no possible cross-contamination .3.Defensive Dining! Don’t be shy to ask for the restaurant manager. If you don’t feel comfortable, get up and leave. 4. Carry Your Meds! Medications and supplements don’t work if you don’t have them with you. 5. Get a Medical ID Bracelet or Necklace! They’re not just fashion statements. 6. Make an Action Plan! Write down the steps to take if you have a reaction and keep it with you. These tips can help make 2019 a safer and more enjoyable year.
Ian Wahl, St. Louis Allergy Relief Center
1415 Elbridge Payne Rd Suite 135
Chesterfield, MO 36017
314 384-9304 www.StLouisAllergyRelief.com

Connect With Plants
My work with the plant is a lifelong process and has been key to my personal welfare. Plants are incredible tools for self-transformation. Making wreaths and remedies from the wild native plants living on our land has furnished me with the tools to heal my body, mind and spirit. The intelligence within the plant can deeply influence your life and aid your journey. Plants are not innate objects but living, growing green beings that react to your presence, your energy and your thoughts. Plants are wise teachers and faithful friends. It is a rewarding and sacred relationship.
Pat Tuholske, nature guide, wildcrafter, wreath artist. www.WillowRainHerbalGoods.com

It is a simple but profound fact, that there is one cause for the major diseases that result in death and disability. That one cause common to premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, metastatic cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer Dementia is Mitochondrial Dysfunction! Take steps in 2019 to protect and restore your mitochondria by getting at least 7 hours of sleep, exercising at moderate intensity for at least 22 mins daily, eating a whole food, real food, plant-based diet, avoiding or minimizing environmental factors such as pesticides, herbicides, toxic personal care products, biological toxins such as mycotoxins, and electromagnetic toxicity from cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, or power lines. Christine Salter MD, DC,
The Centre For Vibrant Health And Wellness,
www.drsalter.com 314-395-9777

Sharing Good Tea – Buy More Local in 2019
A cup of tea is something different to everyone, bringing a measure of comfort – physical or emotional. Your local source for quality loose-leaf tea was founded in 2009, and growing from only 12 flavors/varieties then, to 100+ now, has happened thanks to loyal patronage of repeat customers “shopping local”. Buying from local businesses supports an infrastructure that sustains your neighborhoods. Take a moment this year to thank and encourage your local business owners. They need to know they are appreciated for the efforts they put in, often as a labor of love and commitment to community.
Kateri Meyer, Traveling Tea, 2707 Sutton Blvd.
Maplewood, MO 63143. 314-647-8832. www.traveling-tea.com

Expand Your Awareness
Singing HU can: Expand your awareness; Help you experience divine love; Heal a broken heart; Offer solace during times of grief; Bring peace and calm. Singing HU draws one closer to God. With eyes open or closed, take a few deep breaths to relax. Then begin to sing HU (pronounced like the word hue) in a long, drawn-out sound: HU-U-U-U. Take another breath, and sing HU again. Continue for up to twenty minutes. Sing HU with a feeling of love, and it will gradually open your heart to God. For more info about HU and the teachings of ECKANKAR, visit www.HearHU.org, call 1-800-LOVE GOD.

Don’t Stress Over Resolutions
As 2019 begins, people are making resolutions to be a healthier “You”. However, it’s okay to make resolutions; but, try not to stress out about it. Getting healthy by changing your current habits takes time and is a slow process. So…. take your time, keep the stress down, slowly remove ‘bad’ health habits, replace with better ones and you will eventually get there. Let’s enjoy this Journey to Good Health. Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year. From the staff of Kim’s Herbs & Detox Center. 314-395-3767. www.herbshopstl.com

Relax… Practice T’ai Chi Ch’uan
It is the first and most important principle of our t’ai chi practice. A person who is relaxed is more able to approach life with an open mind and attitude. One is more likely to see people as human beings, more likely to hear what they are really saying and thus able to assess with a calm mind instead of an emotional one. A relaxed body allows for better posture and improved balance which in turn results in less back and joint issues. The simple act of learning to relax your breathing has a calming effect on your whole body. The St. Louis T’ai Chi Ch’uan Association, www.taichistlouis.org 314-961-1355.

Women’s Wellness Weekend Rocks YMCA Trout Lodge
Women of all abilities and ages (18+) take over YMCA Trout Lodge during its annual Women’s Wellness Weekend Feb. 22-24. Spend the weekend enjoying classes YOU get to choose, along with group activities, multiple vendors and lots of laughs. There’s Dutch oven cooking, various workouts, horseback riding, crafts, paintball, riflery, archery, self-defense, gardening, winery tour and much more – with over 80+ activities from which to choose. Or, you can kick back and relax. Rate includes lodging, meals and the activities you choose. At Trout Lodge every day is a grand adventure and every women is a goddess!
For you who does everything for everyone else, start 2019 feeling inspired and refreshed.
For more Information and registration
visit www.troutlodge.org/event/womens-wellness-weekend

Have a Naturopathic New Year!
As a Naturopathic Doctor, I am often asked about “detoxes”. In actuality I am not a fan of this trendy buzz-word because we never know what detox actually means. Our wondrous liver is full of detox capability. The liver is such an intricate, powerful, and functional detoxification organ. Instead of focusing on purchasing pricey detoxes, I recommend focusing on enhancing your body’s natural function by reducing modifiable environmental risks such as pesticides intake from produce, reducing junk foods, focusing on healthy bowel movements, and increasing mind-body practice. Happy New Year! Asia Muhammad, ND
LavenderRoots Health & Wellness, LLC
Diversified Health and Wellness Center
(314) 409. 8834 www.lavenderrootshw.com

Make a Change in Your Life
with Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT). Learn to access and cultivate your natural capacity to actively engage in caring for yourself and find greater balance, ease and peace of mind in 2019! Please call Peggy at 314-644-3339 if you want more information. www.Claytontherapy.com Peggy Levinson LCSW LMFT

Walk Your Dog
Think of your dog walks as being enrichment experiences for your dog and not necessarily always fitness walks for you or for them. How many times have you walked your dog for miles and they’re still fired up when you get home despite the fact you’re exhausted? From a wellness perspective, it could be better to play some brain games with your dog or a good game of fetch or tug for their increased fitness levels or perhaps as a running partner. Remember that 15 minutes of puzzle play is the equivalent of a one mile walk. Never underestimate the benefits of mental stimulation. The challenge is to keep our dogs both mentally and physically fit. Exercise and the proper diet can keep our dogs nice and lean which is important for their joints and overall physical well-being. Four Muddy Paws – The Healthy Pet Market. Jeff Jensen – Matt Brazelton.
www.fourmuddypaws.com Lafayette Square-St Louis & Edwardsville, IL

Explore Craft Beer
Don’t be afraid to explore the many flavors of craft beers. Urban Chestnut’s newest limited release, Escape! is a Tropical Ale with Pineapple, Mango, and Passionfruit that will give you an “escape” from the winter blahs. Brewed right here in St. Louis! Available in stores now. Urban Chestnut Brewing Company, 3229 Washington Ave. 63103, 4465 Manchester 63110, 4501 Manchester 63110. www.urbanchestnut.com

Bring a Little Bit of Spring Into Your Home
by forcing branches to bloom. Simply place fresh cut stems of Crabapple, Forsythia, Pussy Willow, Quince, Pear, or flowering Cherry in a vase of water. Change water every 4 days. Ann Lapides. Sugar Creek Gardens. 314-965-3070. www.sugarcreekgardens.com

Achieve Optimal Health
Experience the difference of a local, family owned pharmacy and wellness center. As a full service pharmacy in business for 85 years, Neels Pharmacy offers a variety of products and services including clinical nutrition and supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies and personalized consultations that are conducted by our in-house clinical nutritionist/pharmacist. We also offer individualized human and veterinary compounding, which we will be expanding on in 2019. Plus free delivery of prescription medications and over the counter products. Our goal is to help you and your family achieve optimal health, wellness and vitality and provide a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere in which you will receive the highest level of customer service from our knowledgeable staff and pharmacists.

Explore the Benefits of Essential Oils
Be Young Total Health (BYTH) is a family-owned business that is committed to growing and expanding in an effort to better the lives of those who desire expertly blended, premium quality health and wellness products. Essential oils are successfully used for skin care, pain relief, weight management, cancer prevention and treatment, asthma, and countless other ailments. To achieve maximum total health, Be Young also carries a full line of All-Natural, plant based and whole food health solutions. Contact Donna Langenbacher to learn more! 314-420-0564, Donna@BYOils.com

Manage Pet Waste Without Single-Use Plastic Bags
Go beyond using reusable bags at the grocery store! You can eliminate single-use plastic from your pet waste pick-up process in many simple ways! If you have a cat, use paper lunch sacks, biodegradable bags, or old bread, snack or newspaper bags to clean out their litter box. If you have a dog, you have a few additional options. You can flush dog waste using flushable bags, or use a scoop to deposit the waste directly into the trash. Learn more at www.stlzoo.org/conservation/byetobags
From the #byetobags program at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Switch to LED Light Bulbs
As your incandescent bulbs burn out, now is the right time to switch to LED. Some LED bulbs have an impressive lifespan of 20+ years. The light quality of LEDs vastly improved and are now very cost effective. Because there are so many different types of LEDs, choosing the correct LED is entirely different from picking up an old incandescent. You can do your own research before you head to the store, or trust seven time award winning ENERGY STAR Partner Metro Lighting to teach you what you need to know about choosing the correct LED bulb for each application!

Use vitamin C
Pat Bauer, Nurse Practitioner, recommends using Vitamin C to heal yourself. Whether it’s taking tablets orally, 1.000 – 10,000 mg daily; or liposomal Vitamin C, 1,000 – 5,000 mg daily; or through IV if you need a higher dose, Vitamin C aids in the prevention and treatment of many different ailments. For more information contact Pat Bauer at Wildwood Integrative Healthcare, 16111 Manchester Rd., Ellisville, MO 63011,

Get Out, Have Some Fun, Food, & Drinks
with FRIENDS/FAMILY in the new year. Stop by Llywelyns for great Celtic food and libations. We have a game room, meeting rooms, catering, live entertainment and all your party needs. Six locations to serve you. Visit www.llywelynspub.com for more information.

Shop At Local Markets
Shop Local markets that carry fresh local products and provide the best personal service. Freddie’s Market stocks USDA Choice, aged, hand-cut meats, grass-fed beef, fresh seafood, natural chicken and pork, honey-glazed boneless baked hams and Amish Turkeys. All of which can be prepared for customers in Freddie’s oven or smoker. Farm-fresh produce is hand selected and they carry pasture-raised, natural, antibiotic-free feed, farm fresh eggs from local farmers. Freddie’s stocks over 100 local products and has an outstanding selection of wines, liquors, beers and Stringbean Coffee. Homemade breads, gooey butter cake, pies, bagels and cookies are baked fresh daily. Delivery is also available. 314-968-1914 www.freddiesmarket.com

See The Forest & The Trees
A “treemendous” year starts with getting outdoors and enjoying the wealth of benefits trees provide. Trees work for our well-being as much as they work for wildlife and the environment. Studies show that people who spend time around trees concentrate better. Contact with nature helps children improve their creativity, intellectual development and social relationships. Whether it’s a walk in the park, playtime in the backyard, or a hike through the woods, get outdoors and see how trees work for you and your family. Discover all the ways trees and forests are working for you at www.treeswork.org
From the Trees Work program at the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Make a Vision Board
A Vision Board is a visual representation of what you want to achieve. It works by shifting the energy you are sending out around your intentions. To make the board, you will need a poster board, pictures and glue. Go through magazines and pull lots of pictures. Select the ones you intuitively want and lay them on the board, then glue them on. Some people hang their boards, so they can see them often; others put them away and pull them out a year later to see what manifested. The intentions on the board are strong; this is a great way to manifest change. Deborah Zorensky, RD, LD, CCN, , The Center for Mind, Body & Spirit 7649 Delmar, 314.725.6767

Wellness in the New Year: A Practical Approach
As the new year approaches, most of us make resolutions to live better. For many, that usually includes eating better, exercising, and adopting other healthy habits. Here is a tip to help in your quest for wellness: Improve Your Intake. H2Whoa! Simply increasing your water intake will help detoxify your body and motivate you to be more conscientious of what else you’re ingesting. Try adding tasty essential oils to your water make it more interesting. Lemon, Lime, and Tangerine are all favorites, but don’t forget Grapefruit, Lavender, and Peppermint! In fact, try making your own Grapefruit-Mint Spritzer to enjoy a great blend of flavors that may make sweets and sugary drinks a little less appealing. (Young Living Vitality oils are FDA approved as supplements.)
Sandy Rausch, 618-304-2466

Pivot to Prosperity for All
Don’t like where things are headed? Try pivoting to a new narrative. Some say there is not enough to go around, and the only way to deal with a problem is with more and faster growth, more stuff and more income disparity. What if this is the source of most of our challenges, not the solution? Pivot to a new narrative: “We are working together to solve societal and economic problems.” This brings life and brings it more abundantly. PIVOT: Prioritize Implementation of this Vision On Time, happening now at Arizmendi Drawdown Ecovillage. Come cause the big PIVOT to prosperity for all.
Tom Braford, www.ArizmendiEcovillage.com

Green Home Challenge
We challenge everyone to better manage your home energy use to start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint! Start by tracking your energy use with ENERGY STAR’s Home Energy Yard Stick to see how you compare to other homes. And then consider an energy audit to learn more about ways to save energy. Actions can be as simple as changing your heating and cooling system air filter, choosing efficient appliances, and air sealing around windows and doors. Green Buildings are Better for your pocketbook and the planet! Go to www.usgbc-mogateway.org/green-home/. Johanna Schweiss, LEED AP:O+M | U.S. Green Building Council – Missouri Gateway Chapter.

Responsibility is our ABILITY TO RESPOND – Let’s USE it!
Looked at it this way, Responsibility is not a burden or a weapon of guilt. It’s our individual and collective CAPACITY to pitch in, help out, and do what’s right at any time. It’s our flexibility to ADAPT, our potential to both LEAD and COLLABORATE. Responsibility SHARED is the antidote to overload as MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK. Plants respond to light and grow, making oxygen so all us breathing animals can live – and vice versa. In this joyful light, Response-Ability dances!
Green Jean Ponzi – host of KDHX Earthworms.

Try A Biomat or Portable Sauna
To be healthier, sit on a Biomat or in a Infrared Portable Sauna for 30 minutes each day, or every other day, while watching TV or while relaxing. Infrared helps 1,800 medical symptoms and issues, relieves pain, increases energy, detoxes, helps weight loss, and improves your health. Is your optimal health worth 23 cents a day to you for the next 15 years? Invest $65 a month in your health this year with our payment plan, for a biomat or portable sauna that lasts 15 years. You and your family deserve the best health. You are worth it !!
Call Clint (314) 562-0844

Treat Your Mouth Right
With the New Year approaching, you may have already begun to think about your New Year’s resolutions. Why not make your New Year’s resolution to improve your dental health? Brushing and flossing protect your mouth from tooth decay and gum disease, which is caused by your teeth’s most persistent enemy, plaque. Both brushing and flossing are equally important for good oral health. For this new year, resolve to treat your mouth right: improve your diet, quit smoking and improve your oral hygiene habits – your teeth and your body will thank you for it! Joseph S Grimaud, DDS
Visit me at www.mywatsonpointedental.com
Watson Pointe Dental, 8537 Watson Rd
Webster Groves, MO 63119, 314-963-2000
New patients are always welcome!

Discover Your Inner Artist
Remember to discover your inner artist because everyone is creative! Visit Yucandu Art Studio and be inspired by the unlimited creative possibilities that are waiting for your artistic hand to mold them into original works of art. Join us for one of our many events, workshops, and summer camps or schedule a party of your own. Or drop by for Open Studio. No appointment needed. No clean-up. No problem. It’s art You Can Do! Our warm and friendly staff is ready to help you untap the artist we know is living within. www.Yucandu.com

Reduce Waste With The Use of Reusable Items
At the Green Dining Alliance, we are always trying to figure out ways for our member restaurants to reduce their waste by replacing common disposables with reusable items. For our New Year Tip, we invite you to do the same! Pay attention to the non-recyclable common plastic items you toss and try to substitute your trash with reusable items or items made from renewable resources. Common single-use items like coffee cups, straws, plastic cutlery, and shopping bags can easily be replaced by reusable options. Visit stlouisearthday.org/shop/ to get started with reusable bamboo cutlery and folding reusable bags!

Try Barter When Cash is Tight
Barter is experiencing a tremendous upswing right now. Cash is tight. The economy is forcing many business owners to look for creative solutions to the complex problems they face on a day-to-day basis. Even though there are hundreds of barter exchanges in the United States and the world, the collective membership of all of the barter exchanges in the world amounts to less than 1% of the businesses in the world that could benefit from barter. The barter industry has been relegated to a second place behind cash, especially in the U.S., where we’ve enjoyed fantastic currency exchange rates for decades. Now, with the dollar weakening and the ability to finance operations getting more difficult, barter is poised to enter the mainstream consciousness in a real way, in a way that the industry has never seen before. Barter is coming of age. Herb Steck, St. Louis Trade Exchange, An ITEX Franchisee. 636-441-8930.

Begin the New Year with Kindness
Kindness is a virtue, value and character trait. It is something that we can give and receive for free. Being kind to ourselves, others, all living creatures and the planet brings positive energy to the world. Maintaining a plant-based diet and/or vegan lifestyle allows one to be kind to all living creatures. Through my plant-based journey, I have learned the importance of taking time to reflect on the kind things in my life. Allow 5 minutes each day for self-reflection and self-care. Sam’s Vegan Kitchen, 314-365-6421,

Enjoy Beauty In All Four Seasons
Beauty in all four seasons. That’s what you’ll find at the Missouri Botanical Garden, Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House, and Shaw Nature Reserve. But there’s something else. We are working around the world and close to home to conserve plant diversity and preserve the pollinators they rely on. Every visit to one of our three sites not only provides a wonderful, welcoming experience for you and your family, from a quiet stroll through the Japanese Garden to the delightful sights and sounds of our signature events like Garden Glow and Best of Missouri Market. Your visit also helps us support plant research and conservation, and that helps make a better world for us all. Come be our guest, enjoy your stay, and know that you are making a difference. www.MOBOT.org

Take an Earth Walk…
In your backyard! The next sunny day, get outside. Breathe in the crisp air and look around. You’re not here to do anything—no chores, no guilt. Just be. You are part of the Earth. Say hello. Walk around gently. Look at the trees, the plants we call weeds, the dry seed heads, the evergreen boughs, the clouds moving overhead, the way the sunlight strikes the ground. Take a moment to see. Any piece of Earth will do—the Backyard is bigger than real estate—it’s our direct link to a magical world. Connect whenever you can. You’ll be surprised how it feels under that big blue sky. Just Seeing. Just Being. Happy New Year from The Sustainable Backyard Network.
Terry Winkelmann. www.sustainablebackyard.org
(314) 680-3445.

Did you know that a new habit takes a minimum of 21 days and up to 66 days to start happening automatically? So my one tip for anyone starting a new year’s resolution is to put a pop up reminder in your smart phone or on a calendar at 21 days after you start your resolution and on March 6 or 7th. So whatever you do, keep going until March 7th or 66 days to help your new habit become automatic. Dr. Steve Zielinski, Colonial Village Pharmacy, 7945 Big Bend Blvd. 63119,