Publisher’s Corner

My New Year Predictions

2018 is going to be a year to remember for all you politicos out there. President Trump’s second year in office will bring both good and bad tidings for POTUS, including a surprising ruling from special prosector Bob Mueller. Someone close to the president will most likely be found guilty of a crime and then probably pardoned by the president. Especially if it is a family member. A wave of controversy will surround his second year, even more than his first year. Democrats will have an opportunity to pick up seats in the House and Senate but face the possibility of wasting their momentum as they could fumble the opportunity to get a solid message out to the American people and put forth a good candidate for 2020. A third party candidate (perhaps Michael Bloomberg) could emerge if neither the Democrats or Replubicans can relate to the ever-growing number of voters who identify themselves as independents. The swamp is still filled with alligators and people are getting tired of broken promises and lies. This is the year that the media proves why it is called the “fourth estate”. Another big “Watergate” type story is ready to come out. And the culprit or culprits may surprise you. The best news for 2018, a record number of voters will turn out for mid-term elections! Glad to see democracy in action.

This could very likely be the year that extraterrestrial life is proven to exist and show that we are not alone in the universe. Secret government programs over the years have studied alien encounters, U.F.O.s and unexplained phenomena. Some proof will emerge showing we have been visited by aliens at some point in our planet’s history. Proof to some, fantasy to others. And the debate goes on.

2018 will be a year that Climate Change becomes even a bigger conversation as most of the countries of the world confront the US’s backward stance on global warming. More photos of starving polar bears will blow up social media as ice flows melt and oceans rise. There will be more blow back from green groups to mobilize against changing environmental laws and regulation rollbacks. More people will speak out against opening up public lands for oil and gas exploration. Look for more marches and demonstrations this year.

There has been a return to print media both from readership and advertising groups. Social media had offered an alternative to print advertising the past few years but now studies are showing that people are coming back to newspapers, magazines and printed materials. And surprisingly, even younger people are picking up printed materials more and more as social media has proven to have credibility concerns. This is good news for The Healthy Planet magazine and we look forward to many new readers in 2018!

The social event of the year will be the marriage of Stephanie Janet Lester and Joseph John Hunt, IV. Sorry Prince Harry and Meghan. Family first!

Happy New Year, J.B. Lester; Publisher