Why Are People So Depressed Today?

By Nigel Lester, MD

By Nigel Lester, MD

Two thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato said, “Life must be lived as play.” In many ways the huge rise in mental illnesses in our society, and especially depression, can be seen as a collective forgetting of the potential for joy and awe that human existence offers us. With so much physical and psychological stress, tension and anxiety, life stops being like play and becomes more like punishment!

How does PALM Health use a holistic approach to depression?
At PALM Health our integrated approach recognizes the need to address all aspects of the being: body, mind and spirit. Our treatment programs include psychological interventions, diet, exercise, meditation, personal goal setting and much more.

Do you recommend supplements in the treatment of depression?
Sadly, much of the food available to us today is lacking in nutrients. Even a balanced diet may not be sufficient when you are struggling with depression, so the use of supplements may be justified. At a minimum, you should take a daily dose of good quality omega-3.

What about relaxation therapy?
Sleep is essential to mental and emotional well-being, yet most of us are not getting enough sleep, or enough quality sleep; it makes us highly vulnerable to depression. We help our clients learn how to let go at the end of the day through good sleep habits, meditation, self-acupressure and relaxation techniques.

How do I get started to tackle my stress and depression?
At PALM Health we have a comprehensive and intensive Stress Management Program to help clients achieve mental and emotional well-being. This intensive eight-week immersion program is designed to open the individual to a wide range of mind, body and spirit activities, addressing all aspects of their being. It stimulates their own potential for self-healing and rekindles that innate memory that life can be play!

Nigel Lester MD
Director of Mental Health
PALM Health

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