Raintree School Goes Solar

Ranked 33rd among U.S. states for most solar-friendliness but with the potential to generate 42.7% of the electricity used in state from rooftop solar panels, Raintree School announces the completion of campus solar panels, moving Missouri one step closer to reaching renewable energy goals. The unveiling of Raintree’s whole-campus system, projected to defray over 80% campus energy use, is a model to empower the St. Louis school community and others to reduce their carbon footprint.

In support of Raintree School’s green campus goals, the school worked with EFS Energy to install energy efficient, high performing solar panels featuring an installation covering a majority of the school’srooftop.“We applaud the Town & Country community and school parents for supporting Raintree School’s commitment to sustainability. It’s rewarding to know that this EFS system will deliver long-term value. We are committed to creating socially responsible, economic, and environmentally conscious initiatives for our campus,” said Ilya Eydelman, school president. “Our sustainability goals in our campus operations and construction have always been ambitious. This partnership with EFS Energy will help us continue to reach our goals.”

“It’s as though Raintree School is planting 101 seedlings every month,” says Kenny Noel from EFS Energy. The new solar array is designed to save $272,857 in energy costs over 30 years. It is comprised of 170 solar panels that are expected to produce over 66,000 kilowatt hours of energy a year.

Environmentally, it is expected to offset 103,300 pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of 112,303 miles driven a year.

“When schools tap into the sun, everyone benefits. It moves our campus further toward energy independence and gives the gift of constant learning opportunities for our students. From cutting-edge solar panels just above our heads to connecting with engineers and scientists developing green technology, the math of cost savings and more, showcasing the possibility of renewable energy allows students to see the power and efficiency of sustainable solutions,” said Brandi Cartwright, head of school at Raintree School.

About Raintree School: Raintree School is a school of innovation, social impact, and outdoor inquiry. It connects civically minded young children to their local community through long-term classroom projects. Raintree School, the first forest school of Missouri is a place where young citizens share a sense of common good, intellectual courage, and a love for all things wild.
For more information about Raintree School, visit www.raintreeschool.org.