Nature Wisdom

Gratitude Wreath

With Pat Tuholske,

The Custom Of Gratitude Wreaths

In this turbulent time of natural disasters, civil unrest and personal challenges, it seems essential to practice Gratitude. Gratitude is the key that unlocks positive energy in your life. It is the alchemy that turns problems into blessings and the unexpected into gifts. Find what channels your gratitude, optimism, appreciation, and thankfulness then expand upon it.

  • Say thank you for the little things you normally take for granted.
  • Give at least one compliment each day.
  • Help a neighbor.
  • Embrace mistakes as opportunities to grow.
  • Be thankful when you learn something new.
  • Keep a daily Gratitude Journal.
  • Volunteer for organizations that help those in need.
  • Vow to not complain, criticize or gossip.
  • Choose to focus on kindness and compassion

I am in awe of the beauty of nature from the massive to the miniscule. Plants taught me the true meaning of the word Gratitude. I am blessed with acres of meadows and woodlands to wander; the ability to hike miles to gather native offerings; and the skill to grow food and flowers.

I was guided to design a Gratitude Wreath as an extension of my deep appreciation for the daily beauty of living.
The Gratitude Wreath is custom with ancient roots and considered a sacred amulet honoring all that supports us in life. It is a tribute to the Practice of Gratitude reflected in the beauty of nature. The plants I chose… goldenrod, ironweed, wild grasses, strawflowers, bittersweet, artemisia, bee balm and nuts… all have the quality of everlasting vitality; long view and clear sight; enduring wisdom; belief in beauty; unfading love, hope and joy. You can view ordering details on my website listed below.
Evergreens are also a sign of hope during the darkest days. If you choose, you can make your own evergreen Gratitude Bundle:
Collect five or six 24” long tips of evergreen branches. Use cedar, pine, spruce, yew, arborvitae or fir. Deep green cedar branches with the contrasting blue berries I find particularly beautiful. Tie branches together at the cut ends with strong thin rope or floral wire. Glue in pine cones, acorns, holly berries and rose hips for a spot of color. Let glue dry overnight. Cover the rope or wire with long strands of raffia or a ribbon. Hang in your entranceway, living room or work space as a symbol of eternal light, hope and thankfulness for all of life.

May nature and the wild plant bless your hearth and home during this season of Giving Thanks.

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank

See Pat’s Gratitude Wreath at willowrainherbalgoods.com and other Wild Wreaths, Wheels, Twig Art crafted from Ozark native plants. Check out “Nature Chronicles” for her musings on the Human-Nature relationship at pattuholske.com.