Meal Plan Project Helps Wellness Coach Thrive After Heart Virus

By Vincent Clardy

As a wellness coach with a viral attack to my heart, I was rushed to the ER, for the third time that year. I felt the most crushing chest pain that I had ever experienced and I didn’t know what to do to fix it. My heart rate, blood pressure, and C-Reactive protein scores were in the fatal ranges. After multiple failed attempts to stabilize my heart, the team of doctors stated that they couldn’t stop the attack. “How long do I have?” I asked. The Chief Cardiologist responded, “I have no explanation why you are awake now. You should call your family immediately.”

Not expected to make it through the night, I imagined the faces of my daughters at my funeral and I knew I had only one prayer left, so it had to count. That prayer took me on an unforgettable journey through the Garden of Eden. I was shown the way to transform my body back into a state of health within 5 weeks utilizing plant and planet based nutrition called the Meal Plan Project.

If you, or someone you love, is ready to turn your life around and experience the joys of feeling healthy again, Join the Meal Plan Project 5-Week Transformation and go from sick to fit in weeks instead of months.

This simple 5-week transformation will help you quickly improve muscle/fat ration, decrease inflammation and pain, and increase energy levels all without starving yourself or paying thousands of dollars in expensive products and office visits.

The Meal Plan Project
5-week Transformation includes:

  • Custom Meal Planning
  • Supplement Protocols
  • Life Coaching
  • Digital Support Group
  • Email/Text Coaching Support

To hear the whole story please visit www.mealplanproject.com For more information or to contact us for a FREE consultation please visit or website or call 424.352.9768.