Publisher’s Corner: Finally, A Winter To Complain About

I am not at all a fan of Old Man Winter. But due to carbon emissions, greenhouse gases, and climate change, our winters have been quite mild … until now! I know all bout the “season of silent slumber” and we all need time to reflect. But I walked to the money machine the other night from my office and then just a few blocks to the restaurant and almost froze! And before you mothers and grandmothers out there start asking if I was properly dressed, the answer is yes. I was wearing my very warm and toasty Columbia brand overstuffed coat. But I did notice that it was made in Vietnam and that makes me wonder. How cold does it get in Vietnam? Seems like every year I complain about winter. It is definitely my least favorite season. Maybe if I had a fireplace in our home. But alas, no hearth for these popsicle toes. I think the older you get, the more you disdain frigid and frosty forecasts. Guess that’s why the sunbelt is full of blue hairs. You hardly ever hear of someone retiring to Nome, Alaska or Ely, Minnesota. I’ve never been to Nome but I’ve been to Ely and let me tell you, it was colder than a …………… I cry icicles just thinking about it. This cold snap does remind me of how spoiled we have gotten in the past few years. Winters have been more like extended autumns with frost on the pumpkins being the big snowfall of the season. And I know my wife loves snow. Every time even the slightest flurries begin, the phone rings and she is telling me to look out the window. Knowing that it does not brighten up my day. I have said it before and I will say it again, the best thing about winter is it makes me cherish Spring just that much more. I don’t think I have any moisture left in my body. The dryness of winter has sucked the water from my skin and turned me into one big flake. I am sure there are plenty of you out there that agree with that comment… Hey, wait a minute. What am I saying? The second best thing about winter is that we get to host our 25th Natural Living Expo March 10. I am sure everyone will have serious cabin fever by then. And we will have what ails you at the expo. Seems like just yesterday we put on our first show. But 24 events later we are still drawing the crowds. Our winter show (and yes March 10 is still officially winter until Spring blooms on the Vernal Equinox March 20) is our biggest event. This time around we have a great line up of live music by Harpist Terri Langerak and guitarist Carol Eder. There will be plenty of food and drink samples, free health screenings and drawings for trips and train tickets. Visitors can get free tote bags, Chipotle burrito coupons, Missouri Botanical Garden tickets and much, much more. Check out the back page of this issue to get your discount admission coupon and I will see you at the show!

Stan Musial will be missed. I saw Stan play when I was a kid and that was towards the end of his career. And I am 61. So it shows you how many years we were all graced with his sweet swing, his crooked smile, his gentlemanly demeanor and his ability to remind us that there is nothing wrong with being a nice guy. I don’t think I have ever seen a picture of Stan where he wasn’t smiling. Something we all can learn from “The Man.” (And that’s an understatement). I guess baseball wasn’t “just a business” to Stan. No excuses, just a love for the game and its fans.

In Good Health, J.B. Lester; Publisher