Integration of the Male and Female Energies within the Psyche

by Kathleen Christ, NCMBT, LMT

Last month our topic was Kaseeka, accessing the subconscious for the deepest and most stable healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As we cross this threshold into the subconscious, many possibilities become available, including speaking with our younger and older self, and seeing and directing the path to full brain and body integration of our male and female energies.

We have existed in a male dominated culture for the past 10,000 years. Men and women have been raised and programmed with very similar beliefs in how each should behave and process our particular place in the world. Granted, we are different. Each of us has amazing strengths and weaknesses. We complement each other and work from our innate gifts to support our selves, families and communities in the best way possible. Becoming more aware, intentionally striving to see what makes us tick, and seeing our unknown blockages, perceptions and misperceptions is tremendously liberating and healing. Regardless of the events or traumas we’ve experienced, coming to terms with our life and having the opportunity to view this with new eyes, understanding, and clarity, is life-changing.

So, this is the construct in which we begin to explore a very basic part of ourselves – our male and female energies. People are usually surprised with their discoveries and how easily we can begin to change our working selves; like cleaning up our computer programs that are no longer serving us, if they ever did.

In the columns below, I have assigned a list of characteristics that could be called male and female energies. Integrating both energies are essential to living a full, rich and balanced life. If you feel you don’t like some of these energies, then that could be an interesting place to for you to begin looking more closely at those characteristics in your life. A word of caution and consideration: All things in moderation.

We are interdimensional beings and tapping into large, way-out-of-the-box concepts, can be disorienting. Yet with the help a good therapist, the journey can be life-saving and life-giving for ourselves and others. Coming from a place of peacefulness, depth and understanding, allows us to also become better co-creators with the divine and universal energies of goodness, love and harmony.

If you would like to learn more about the integration of energies done either in the water or on land, please contact the St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center at 314-432-5228.

Male Energy Female Energy
Animus Anima
Expressed on right side of the body Expressed on left side of the body
Active Passive
3-dimensional realm Subtle realm
Linear Circular
Outer-directed Inner-directed
Within space and time Outside of space and time
Left side of brain Right side of brain
Concrete Intuitive, abstract
Competitive Cooperative
Individual-oriented Group-oriented
Aggressive Patient
Materialistic Non-materialistic
Task & goal oriented Process oriented
Future centered Present centered
Theoretical Pragmatic
Respect for youthfulness Respect for agelessness
Conquest of nature Harmony with nature
Skeptical Spiritual, mystical
Verbal Non-verbal
Nuclear family Extended family
Science, Math Creativity, music, dance
Business Meditation
Ego Soul
Manifesting Dreaming, visioning
Doing Being
Accomplishments Journeying, practicing
Giving Receiving
Conscious Subconscious
Authority, Power Responsibility (responding with ability)
Logical, Analytical, Rational Illogical, Irrational