Going On A Hike Soon?

by Dr. Alethea Eller

Tis the season to head to beautiful Missouri countryside and enjoy the fall colors displayed all around! Take a deep breath. Smell the crispness… and the mold… and the ragweed.

No worries. Here are three very effective tips to help you through the season.

#1) Prevent the allergy reaction. Yes it is true. Even if you have a long history of allergies, homeopathy can still work great for you. Try taking a homeopathic remedy for the allergen. There is a general anti-allergy relief that I recommend called “BHI Allergy”. You may also like a more specific remedy. If you know you are reactive to mold, take the remedy specific for mold. Homeopathy is clinically effective for decreasing your body’s reaction to the allergen.

#2) Clean your sinuses. Most of these allergens are breathed in through the nose. The irritating allergen stays in the lining of your sinus tissue continuing to aggravate your body long after you have retreated indoors. I recommend either a Netti Pot or a Neil med. Both devices help flush water through your sinuses washing away the allergens. Cleanse in the morning and evening during allergy season. You will love how effective this is.

#3) Use good herbal relief. Herbs are God’s medicines. Stinging Nettles Leaf has long been used for allergy relief. It is an anti-histamine to the body. For those of you that take over the counter allergy relief, this is a great alternative. Medications tend to dry most people out and cause mental sluggishness. I recommend D-Hist which is a physician grade natural supplement. D-Hist also has Quercetin, N-Acetyl-Cystein and Bromelain all great inflammatory relief.

In addition, any of these herbs are useful in managing food allergies and decreasing histamine response in general.

This is not one of those times that I say choose one of the above. On the contrary, do all 3 and you will have a healthy fall season.

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