Suggested Protocol For Candida/Yeast/Mold/Fungus

by Kathleen Christ, NCMBT, LMT

If there seems to be an epidemic of Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Allergies and a weakened Immune System, I would like to suggest that the geographic area in which we live may be a factor.   The confluence of 3 rivers – Mississippi, Missouri, and the Meramec  – more creeks and streams than any other state in the nation, and St. Louis having been built in a valley, sets up certain conditions that are bound to affect humans in rather predictable ways.

Living in a valley, the bread-basket of the U.S., makes for a richness of soil and climate that are perfect for growing many things.  So, what follows all of this wonderful growth are seeds and allergens of every type in the air we breathe and the water we drink, and insects and bugs who thrive and pollinate.  With too much heat and not enough wind, we can find ourselves in an intolerable situation of a stagnant soup of air, water and soil.  No wonder we don’t feel so well!

In Eastern medicine, as we age we will tend to become either more damp or more dry inside.  However, living in this locale assures us of becoming too damp – way too damp inside.  Our spleen will be most affected by this dampness and too much sugar consumption, and in a weakened state will cause stagnation.  Our spleen is a major player in our immune system, and with stagnation will affect the smooth flow of chi and fluids: one will feel heavy, damp, slow and foggy.  Candida, yeast, mold and fungus thrive in such conditions.  Autumn can be particularly difficult if one is already spleen deficient.  Working to reestablish balance can become a daily concern and habit, perhaps for the rest of our lives.

Not attending to these matters can have serious consequences:  a weakened immune system, Allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and even Cancers.  Being too damp within the spleen can also affect the heat and regulation of hormones in our bodies.  Being too damp can have such a cascading affect on so many aspects of our bodies that after awhile, no one knows where to begin.

The protocol that we are using is amazingly effective.  The change is felt almost immediately – no need to live with pain and confusion.   Seeing and experiencing is believing.  Moving forward in the appropriate sequence with the right tools and having daily home support makes all the difference.  Dietary changes will be recommended as well.  It’s truly not hard.

Some recommendations

(muscle test to be sure for your body type):

1. Zeolite – corrects the pH, removes heavy metals, kills parasites and strengthens the immune system.

2. Chlorophyll – cleans the blood.

3. Probiotics – digestive enzymes.

4. ET-13 – NES infoceuticals – kills fungus and mold.

5. Small Intestine Terrain – Apex homeopathy.

6. Yeast/Fungal – controls the over-growth of yeast in the small intestines.

7. LBS II – for good and easy bowel movements.

8. Frequency patches – worn on the skin for Candida, energy, parasites and pain.

9. Melatonin strips – frequency tongue strips for sleep.

10. B-12 strips – frequency tongue strips for energy.

11. Far-infrared Pad – pain reduction, cleansing, detoxifying and healing.

12. Quantum Pulse – dries out the fungal beds throughout the whole body.

13. Laser–pain reduction, cleansing, detoxifying,healing.

14. Ionic Foot Bath – draws out Candida, yeast, mold and fungus.

15. Rife Machine or Frequency Generator – selected frequencies that kill off excessive Candida, reduces pain, and restores balance and energy to the system.

16. T-Zone or Chi Machine – Passive exercise and massage that breaks up the congested (painful) areas, increases metabolism, circulation and oxygen.

17. Pulsed Magnetic Resonator – freedom from pain, exercise and total internal cleansing of every cell, recovery from injuries, and greatly enhanced range of motion.

You are welcome to come and experience some or all of the options at our Creve Coeur location.  Or, you may purchase some of these products from Emerson Ecologics through our website:  watsu1.com or directly from us at St. Louis Aquatic Healing Center at 314-432-5228.