Irish Musicians Bring Celtic Soul to St. Louis

by Kim Schneider

Take one of the world’s most renowned voices in Sacred Music.  Put her on stage with a duo of Irish songwriting brothers who mix pop sensibility and hip-hop cool with traditional tunes.  Throw in Otherworldly harmonies, ancient acapella songs in Irish, Latin and English, a couple of guitars, a bodhran and a shruti box.  Put them all in one of St. Louis’ best acoustic venues and invite medieval music performer Margaret Waddell to join in the fun.  What do you get? Celtic Soul Experience, a truly unique musical event happening for one night only in St. Louis.

Irish artists Noirin Ni Riain, Owen O’Suilleabhain and Moley O’Suilleabhain (aka Size2Shoes, the biggest upcoming act in the Irish acoustic scene) and A.M.E.N. (the heavenly ensemble created when Noirin, Owen and Moley join their voices to lift their listeners into higher realms) are coming to St. Louis for a musical cornucopia featuring selections in the ancient Irish style, sacred songs, traditional tunes and inspirational pop.  Special guest Margaret Waddell will open the show, which will raise money for Joplin Storm Recovery.  Heart-healing harmonies, humor, exquisite musicality and infectious joy are all part of this extraordinary live experience on December 1st at St. Louis Abbey and Priory in Creve Coeur.

The weekend following the concert, Noirin, Owen and Moley will join Kimberly Schneider, M.Ed., J.D., LPC at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion in University City to present a mini-retreat on Celtic Spirituality, “a living, evolving philosophy derived from an ancient way of relating to the world.”  Participants will explore Celtic Cosmology through poetry, music, reflection and experiential exercises.

Find out for yourself why the Dalai Lama digs Noirin, why Russell Crowe calls himself a “huge fan” of Owen and Moley and why Steven Spielberg declares that “Size2shoes fits all.”

Concert: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 7:00 p.m. at St. Louis Abbey/The Priory.  For information and tickets to the Celtic Soul Experience concert and details on the Celtic Spirituality Retreat, go to www.CelticSoulExperience.com.