Zerona Laser is SAFE and EFFECTIVE For Fat Loss

By Dr. David Peterson, DC, DCCN


Are you doing all the right things, watching your diet, buying organic food and exercising, and still not able to lose weight? Are you one of those frustrated women or men with complex metabolic and endocrine issues? Do you have stubborn fat that refuses to budge? If you suffer from stubborn fat (men usually have it around the belly and chest; women around their belly, hips, butt, and thighs) and you want to get rid of it, The Body By Laser Program alone or in conjunction with Functional Medicine at Wellness Alternatives may be the answer.

Fat cells in the body look like large Styrofoam beads (not a block of butter). The bigger the fat cell, the less responsive to fat burning hormones or exercise they are and the more estrogen they produce. More estrogen means bigger fat cells, contributing to a hormonal imbalance.

There are no diets that seriously address stubborn fat. Liposuction has been the most popular method of removing stubborn fat but this procedure is painful, requires recovery time, and presents side effects and potential complications. Simply removing fat cells does not address the hormonal imbalance.

How Does the Body By Laser Treatment Work?

During a standard treatment cycle, the body can easily process the amount of mobilized fat that is released.  Fat cell debris is cleared by lymphatic pathways, liver detoxification, and passed through the digestive tract. The adipose cell walls are made permeable for a temporary period allowing cell contents to spill out into the interstitial space.

We recommend that you seek out a Functional Medicine physician that specializes in looking at the whole body’s metabolism and the factors influencing detoxification pathways; insulin resistance; hormone ratios; thyroid conditions; food sensitivities; adrenal fatigue; poor circulation; and digestive and lymphatic health.  Correcting health imbalances and losing stubborn fat is a complex issue; therefore, using both cutting-edge Zerona Laser technology and advanced scientific Functional Medicine is often the best scenario for achieving and maintaining desired results.

The Body By Laser treatments are painless, noninvasive, without side effects, and require no recovery time. This program has been hugely successful in my office and we have many satisfied clients.

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