Web-Enabled Phone Apps Now Available For Home Automation & Energy Savings

By Travis Seeger


Who would have imagined it could possibly be 2011 already?  Well as my grandma used to tell me the years just go by faster and faster. That really seems impossible, however, I’m sadly finding it’s true.

With time flying by, one of the things we also see speeding up is the pace at which technology plays a part in our business.  I was introduced to home automation, probably last spring as kind of a crazy new idea/market that we may start seeing interest build in.  Well from that point we started talking to our customers and gauging interest levels, not about a cool new gadget that would do this that and the other, but what about being able to pop your iphone app up that controls the temp in your house.  How about a system that, from your bed, you bring up the app and turn the heat up a couple degrees, before you get out of bed, turn the lights on in the bathroom and start the towel warmer?

Then as you are getting ready for work, your boss calls and says you need to be there 20 min early for an important meeting, this interrupts the normal pace and puts it on insane.  As you are driving to work you take a drink of coffee, did I turn the coffee pot off?…. no.  Well, no worries, as you sit down, to the ultra important meeting, you bring up the app, turn off the coffee pot, the bathroom exhaust fan, and the bedroom light.  Saving you money in energy but more importantly a huge amount of time and effort, worrying “did I turn off the_____” .

Second scenario, you are headed home early with a horrible cold, got the chills, and you know at this time of day your house is set at 60 degrees.  You will never be warm again, unless,  on the way home you stop by the local drug store for some aspirin, and when you stop the car, pull up your homes app, dial the thermostat up to a cozy 74 and by the time you walk in its warming up.  You can rest a little easier.

These are no longer crazy expensive home automation systems that cost tens of thousands of dollars, these are readily available products that can be very affordable and save you 30 to 40% of your energy consumption, just by turning off those annoying vampire loads, turning down your lights by 20%, and actually using a program for your comfort control.

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