True-Dose Natural Liquid Supplements for Pets: Quality Meets Convenience

True-Dose Natural Liquid Supplements make life easier for pet parents.   Finally, human grade supplements that taste great for your pets!

True-Dose uses a pharmaceutical dosing pump which gives pets the accurate amount they need without the need of having to hide a tablet in cheese or peanut butter.   True-Dose has formulated dietary supplements produced to human quality standards and delivered as a flavored liquid, said founder and CEO Joseph Wayman, a veteran of the pet food industry.

“Nutrients added to pet food cannot be measured accurately and rarely packs a high concentration. Supplemental nutrients will work if they are entirely absorbed into the system,” Wayman said. “Unlike tablets and pet food, True-Dose is highly concentrated, quickly absorbed, tastes great, and easy to give the pet.”

“Because True-Dose is a high quality liquid — made to human standards — it is absorbed into the pet’s system faster, showing benefits of the supplement in only 10 days.”

Oklahoma State University is currently conducting a study of the True-Dose products to assess the rate of absorption compared to tablets. The True-Dose bottle is equipped with a special nozzle that sprays a precise amount onto a dog’s food, allowing for dosing to be more precise and accurate.

“We want to prove liquid products absorb faster,” Wayman said. “I am confident that True-Dose will work faster because we chose to use the best ingredients in a liquid form.”

The concentrated liquid is pumped directly on the pets’ food.  After only a few pumps of True-Dose, pet owners can rest assure knowing their beloved pet will consume and absorb all the nutrients in each dose. True-Dose is a water-based flavored liquid allowing for great taste with no added calories—great for obese and diabetic pets.

True-Dose is manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility in Montana and shipped to St. Louis where it’s bottled.  The True-Dose team cooperatively works between Ponca City, Oklahoma and St. Louis, Missouri.

True-Dose is currently being sold in pet stores, pharmacies and veterinarian clinics all over the United States with International Distribution in Taiwan, Canada, and Japan.

True Dose products are available for dogs and cats including Joint Care, Calming, Skin and Coat, Wellness, Agility, Weight Management, Joint Care PLUS, Digestion and more.

For more information visit www.truedosepets.com or call 877-447-7710.

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