Tias Little Yoga Workshop Intensive Feb. 4-6 Sponsored by YogaSource

By Lynn Rosemann


I first met Tias almost two years ago attending a workshop of his in Chicago. He seemed kind, attentive, engaged and knowledgeable. At the time, I didn’t realize that I would be so drawn to this unassuming, Buddha-nature-like yogi.  I was at a point in my own yogic path where I was searching for a teacher who would lead me deeper into  all things yoga.

Tias Little has become that teacher for me. Many describe him as a  “Master Teacher” or a “Teacher’s Teacher” and I couldn’t agree more.  Since 2008, I have been to three of his week-long workshops, two in Chicago and one at his studio (Prajna Yoga) in Santa Fe. His anatomy lectures not only deconstruct poses in their physical sense, but also as it relates to the metaphysical, spiritual, mythical and also philosophical. And then his asana  practice is never simply physical, but we are always urged on through his use of humor, poetry, and the  never ending investigation of sensation arising in the mind and heart.  Tias orchestrates chanting, meditation,  asana, poetry, ancient texts, dharma talks, Sutras, anatomy and Buddhist teachings in such a way. . . to make me listen, slow down and become more mindful and aware in my own practice.  As Tias calls it,”a contemplative practice.” And that is really the reason I am studying with Tias Little.  With his guidance, I am working toward a place of deeper  understanding of yoga. . . . and myself

Tias Little will be in St.Louis for a Workshop Intensive, Unwinding, Gravity & the Middle Way, February 4 – 6th, 2011.

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