Spring is HERE! Allergies & High Efficiency Air Cleaners

By Travis Seeger

It is a great time to get out of the house, take the dogs/kids to the park, go for a nice long walk, just enjoy our spring, it will be gone before we know it, and the days of 90+ temps with 90% humidity will be upon us.  But in that spring morning, cool crisp air after a good thunderstorm the previous night, the air has that “fresh” smell mixed with some blooming flowers. Amazing, awesome AAACHHOOO!!!

But that brings up my next topic, the very things that make the great those great smells many times cause allergies, some allergies are mild, other times they go into HYPER-drive.  Statistically one in three people suffer from some form of allergy.  That means in the average household (two adults 2.5 children) someone is an allergy sufferer.

So what can be done to help these (1.5) folks? Well there are herbal reliefs, over the counter drugs or in extreme cases you may require the help of an allergist MD. But in many cases the treatments are only addressing the symptoms and not necessarily treating the allergy. Most of the time if allergies are extreme the professional advice is “source removal.”  That is great advice when you can jump into a clean room that eliminates all airborne particulate and never go outside in the spring or fall.  But then reality sets in, yes we must all go outside, and in some cases, enjoy the great weather.

Most allergists also explain that if you can reduce the exposure time, meaning if you can go into a clean or allergen free environment, then when you are exposed, your body will tolerate these short term attacks better.   So back to the clean room, we can take your home from the average home that has just less than one pound of dust/dirt produced per week (much of which stays airborne for 3 hours up to 5 days), to a reasonably safe haven free from 98 to 99.9% of the airborne pollutants. (Side note here, your standard 1” filter in the furnace is only effective on about 1% of the dust that is airborne)

We have helped with many customers stuffy noses and watery eyes with simply removing a majority of the airborne particles by adding a high efficiency air cleaner to their homes heating and cooling system.

Please contact us at 636-532-5841 for further information and let us help you enjoy this spring with