Schnuck Markets Plants Seeds For Urban Garden Project

By Leah O’Donnell

Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor


Schnuck Markets kicked off the first phase of their Urban Garden Project with a groundbreaking ceremony on March 19, 2010.  Their quest for local produce and sustainability has been a part of their mission for a long time, but putting an organic garden at their corporate office is expanding their vision.  They will begin with seventy to eighty plants and some additional herbs that will provide food for their corporate cafeteria.  The concept was initiated by a group of ten Schnucks teammates, which is sponsored by Todd Schnuck, President and Chief Operating Officer.  “Nourish locally and inspire globally,” were the words of Kathy Gottsacker, one of the teammates, at the groundbreaking ceremony.  The idea is to be familiar with what it takes to grow produce and remind Schnucks employees of why it’s important to their customers and their business.

Scott Schnuck, Chairman & CEO of Schnuck Markets, opened the ceremony by explaining the importance of this project now and in the future.  “This could represent a larger future corporate commitment,” Schnuck said.  This is significant for all of us who shop at Schnuck’s Markets because we know they are committed long term and practice what they preach.  The Urban Garden is just one part of their daily efforts.  They have an on-site compost bin, incentives for employees to live a healthier lifestyle, and have done extensive research into producing and purchasing local produce.  The company also supports local non-profit groups by raising funds from employee donations.  At the ground breaking ceremony, Mildred Mattfeldt-Beman, who runs a non-profit group called “Gardens to Tables,” was honored with a donation of over $1000 raised for her organization by a “jeans day” at the office.  The “Gardens to Tables” program establishes gardens in inner city schools to educate students about plants and food.  The dedication of Schnuck Markets as a whole impacts all of us as they continue to strive to improve our community, resources, and local business.  Scott Schnuck believes this first small step “fits with where we are going as an organization.”  Schnuck Markets is still a family run business with its third generation leading the way to sustainability.

You can learn more about Schnucks at WWW.SCHNUCKS.COM.