Saint Louis Auto Show Goes Green With EcoCity

In addition to hundreds of the newest and most exotic cars on the planet, the 2011 Saint Louis Auto Show, Jan. 27-30, will be making their mark without leaving a print—their carbon footprint.

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and promote a carbon-neutral lifestyle, the Saint Louis Auto Show is teaming up with Ameren Missouri Pure Power to offset the Green House Gas emissions associated with the fossil fuel-generated electricity  used throughout the three-day event held in the America’s Center and Edward Jones Dome located in Downtown St. Louis.

Offsetting refers to the neutralization of the carbon emissions associated with the electrical usage required by activities and events such as the auto show. Offsetting the electricity counteracts these emissions by funding renewable energy projects, which promote and support clean, emission-free energy sources.  Renewable offset sources commonly include wind power, solar power, low-impact hydroelectric power and biomass. Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) are purchased in an amount equal to the electricity used at an event to compensate for their contribution to the changing climate. This year, Ameren Missouri Pure Power is donating enough Renewable Energy Certificates to cancel out all of the carbon emissions produced to power America’s Center and Dome for all three days of the event. The offset certificates come from Missouri’s own Farmer’s City Wind Farm, located in Atchison County.

In addition to reducing their carbon footprint, this year’s Saint Louis Auto Show has created the all new EcoCity, a fully interactive exhibit designed to highlight alternative fuel vehicles and businesses, as well as inform and educate show goers about green initiatives. Attend-ees will not only have the opportunity to sit in the newest hybrid and electric vehicles with a product specialist, but to also test drive them through the new, specially designed indoor track that winds through natural surroundings creating an outdoor setting for a true green automotive experience. Companies will also be providing exhibits dedicated to conservation, recycling and clean energy throughout the event.

The Saint Louis Auto Show hopes to set a new standard for eco-responsibility through education and, more importantly, by setting the right example. Visit the Saint Louis Auto Show January 27-30th 2011 at America’s Center and Dome to learn how you can help promote a greener world.

For more information about the all new EcoCity visit www.SaintLouisAutoShow.com.