New Year Alterations Instead of Overhauls


The New Year brings new hope for many who are looking for a change. A change in diet, a change in love, a change in finances, a change in politics, the list of hopeful change goes on and on. Aspirations to “change” bad behavior or bad habits are something worth enormous effort as it will benefit the changeling as well as his or her family or circle of friends. Self-improvement, self-enhancement, self-enrichment … all good goals if something really needs to be changed. But I want to offer a caution to those who might be searching for a mountain instead of a molehill. Oh, sure, most of us would like to lose weight, eat a healthier diet and become more financially secure, but I would suggest considering “alterations” not “overhauls.” The mistake most people make with New Year Resolutions is they set the bar too high and often unattainable. And they tend to look only to the outside instead of the inside. What’s in your heart is more important than what’s in your wallet. Don’t get me wrong. Making money, providing for yourself and your family is very important and often difficult in today’s world. But at the end of the day, it’s not the glitter of the gold in your purse, it’s the shine of your character that will give you and others the greatest rewards. The New Year is as good a time as any to look at ourselves in the mirror and see if we are happy with who looks back. Sometimes we may have to shed our skin, but more often we just need to rearrange our priorities. Someone more Zen-like then me once said “Balance is the key to life.” And most of us just need to shift our balance to find our middle — center ourselves and gain strength from our core. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. If you do, you could end up spinning in circles instead of making your move forward. Give yourself the chance to grow, step by step.  I hope you find your balance in the New Year even if the process resembles the tortoise more than the hare.


Lots of great “Green” things are going on in the new year, starting off with the Bistate Green Expo in Belleville, Illinois January 21-23. Then there is the St. Louis Auto Show January 27-30 which has “Gone Green” in a number of sustainable ways including its EcoCity Exhibit. You can read about of these great events on the next page. And then mark your calendars for our 21st Natural Living Expo which is set for February 27 at the Webster Groves Recreation Complex again. This is truly St. Louis’ biggest and best healthy & green living event of the year. If you are interested in being a vendor, call 314-962-7748 right away because we will fill up fast. See story page 31.


My New Year’s resolution: Forgive someone… and maybe in return someone will forgive me. “Forgiveness is the path to freedom.”


Happy New Year!         J.B. Lester; Publisher