Publisher’s Corner

This next month we begin our 14 year publishing The Healthy Planet magazine. Back in 1997, Earth Day was held at Tower Grove Park and the crowd was a bit smaller although no less enthusiastic. In fact, things were more radical back then. Activist environmentalists could be seen protesting for or against a cause or social issue. “Green” was just a fledgling word and most people who wore that badge were boomers from the flower-power era. The peace movement became the green movement — all concerned for the health and welfare of the planet. Over a decade later there has been a shift in our green consciousness. GREEN is now a part of our lives. Like the Indian who shed a tear over littering, social concern for waste reduction, recycling and energy conservation has become a part of our lives. There is still much work to be done, but the big Green Genie is out of the bottle. Earth Day has indeed become Every Day as we work to repair and protect our planet and the future for our children and grandchildren.

Healthcare reform was a long time coming. No one enjoyed the process. Much is broken. But when I think of all those children who will now get healthcare who did not have it before — and all those people who have been cut off or denied healthcare due to preexisting conditions –I realize this is something that had to be done. Nothing is perfect, especially progress. But social reform has a way of moving painstakingly forward through the slings and arrows of adversity. Civil Rights, the Women’s Vote, Security for Seniors…well worth the struggle to create a more perfect union for all Americans.


Happy Earth Day!                J.B. Lester



The Earth Quilt is titled:  “By a Thread” and was created by local artist Carol Lovelace. It was created in response to a challenge from Bits ‘n Pieces Quilt Guild.  It measures 36.5″ wide by 38″ long.  All fabric used was recycled or already in my stock of fabric.  The continents are from a batik which I bought on a previous trip to the island of Bonaire.  Up close, the continents feature abstract forms of people. The ocean is a recycled prom gown. The velvet was in my stock of fabric.  It was selected because it is a deep nonreflective black, which seemed appropriate for the depiction of space.

The back is made from an old drapery.  The padding for the earth is from a recycled dining table pad. The hand is my own.  It was scanned and has now been mounted onto a fabric transfer and attached to the piece.  A holographic thread suspends the earth between my thumb and forefinger. The Big Dipper constellation in the upper left quadrant and the Southern Cross constellation in the lower right quadrant are embellished with Swarovski crystals.

The label says the following:

“Our beautiful planet from space, suspended from the artist’s hand by a thin thread, reminding us of our obligation to tend to our fragile earth.  All fabric used was recycled or previously purchased.”