New Pure Power option makes it more affordable to support Green Power in Missouri!

In response to customer demand for a more affordable commitment to green power, Ameren Missouri is proud to introduce the Pure Power Half-Block participation option. This 500 kilowatt-hour per month option makes it even easier and more affordable to support the development of new green power sources in Missouri… and reduce your carbon footprint at home.

Customers who enroll in the Pure Power Half-Block option will pay $7.50 a month—less than the price of three gallons of gasoline—to guarantee the delivery of 500 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy to the regional power pool each month. Purchasing one Half-Block per month for a year will prevent the release of 9,500 pounds of carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) into our Missouri atmosphere—almost 1.3 times more emissions reduction than if that same customer drove a hybrid vehicle for a year.* A Pure Power Half-Block also helps diversify our regional power pool, cleans our air, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and creates Missouri jobs.

For all of 2010, Pure Power has been sourced from the Farmers City Wind Farm in Atchison County, Missouri.  This 146 Megawatt-hour facility produces enough energy to power 33,000 Missouri homes.  What’s more, the construction and operation of this wind farm created 150 jobs, contributes close to $1 million in tax revenues to the state and pays over $350,000 in payments to Missouri landowners each year.  Sourcing Pure Power from Missouri wind farms keeps the environmental and economic benefits of green power coming to our state.  We know our Pure Power customers are proud to support new green power facilities in their home state.  It is because of this local pride that the plans for Pure Power in 2011 are to continue to support Farmer’s City Wind 100%.

It comes down to this –  if you are already recycling, making organic and local choices in your food purchases, reducing your energy consumption at home and carrying your canvas bags to the store, why not consider adding a Half-Block of Pure Power to round out your home sustainability plan?  Offsetting the electricity you use at home with clean, green, Missouri wind power reduces the carbon footprint of the electricity you use at home and is a simple and now more affordable way to make a real difference.

To enroll in Pure Power, call 1.866.665.PURE (7873) or please visit our website online at www.AmerenMissouri.com/purepower.


* 7,379 pounds = avoided annual emissions by switching from a standard car to hybrid. (Source: http://www.epa.gov/oms/climate/420f05004.htm )