Nature Wisdom with Pat Tuholske Naturalist

Pledge to the Elements “We are the custodians of the future of the Earth. Unless we check the rapacious exploitations of our Earth and protect it, we have endangered the future of our children and our children’s children.” Margaret Mead, March 1977 With the human population approaching 7 billion, we are straining the ability of Nature to support our modern lifestyles. For our descendant’s sake, we must carefully consider how we will proceed from this point forward. More and more of us are pledging to care for the Earth by changing our lifestyles but we ALL need to come forward and take a stand for future generations. Live simply, conserve resources and embrace Nature. It is our task to protect the delicate balance and revere the laws of Earth. Make a vow to preserve the basic elements of life and respect every plant, animal, mineral and element. Oath taking has fallen out of fashion and standing within truth seems to be currently lacking. Decades ago your word was your oath. We could learn much from this ancient practice. My wish is that people be more impeccable with their word. It is an art that requires some vigilance yet brings incredible rewards. To express yourself in truth creates a life of grace. With each effort, you improve your life and the lives of those surrounding you. Make a commitment to stand in the center of your truth. It takes courage to rise up and keep your word. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us. We can no longer afford to be lethargic and complacent. I challenge you to make this Pledge to the Elements. Promise to do what you can to keep the air and water clean, to carry the light and tend the soil in an honorable way. The most powerful and binding oath one can make is to the elements of the natural world. If you sway from your oath, the elements will get your attention and nudge you. They may slightly delay your plans or severely disrupt your life. So, say these words with forethought. The whole of Nature is listening. “This promise I make by sun and moon, by water and wind, by day and night, by sea and land. With this oath I swear to amend that which has been harmed and retrieve that which has been lost. Shall I fail to keep this oath, may the elements themselves reach out and hinder me.” 4th century Irish oath to the elements Check out Pat Tuholske’s journal “Nature as Healer” for musings on the Human-Nature relationship. Go to elementalearthcamp.com. Pat is the facilitator of Elemental Earthcamp “off the grid” eco-camp and shamanic retreat.