Lose up to 30 lbs in 40 days… Results are typical at TransFigure Total Health… A Great New Year’s Resolution!

By Jane Arrington RN


Jill and Cathy came to TransFigure Total Health to lose weight that had crept up on them in recent years.  For Cathy, increased stress and greater inactivity were the culprits.  Both quickly discovered that doing the diet with a friend or partner leads to greater dieting success.   Jill stated that although she had great support from Transfigure Total Health staff, having an equally-committed “dieting buddy” helped pull her through any rough spots.   With outstanding support from each other Jill lost 21.8 lbs and 12.5 inches in one round, and Cathy lost an impressive 42 lbs and 33 inches in two rounds of dieting.  According to Jill, feeling “in control” again and improving her overall appearance were wonderful in themselves.  Being an inspiration to other women, friends, and family is also a pretty good feeling!  Jill goes on to say: “…the maintenance program following the diet may be the best part.   I’ve never felt so confident that my weight will stay off!”

Seeing her weight diminish daily was the most important motivating factor for Cathy, believing that weight loss is synonymous with good health.  Like her friend Jill, Cathy stated that she has had no problem keeping the weight off.  “I feel that the diet has taken me to another level of health, allowing me to exercise two or three times a week.”  There is no question that Jill and Cathy have found a fun way to lose weight and become more healthy in the process, while at the same time supporting each other and having fun.

My name is Jane Arrington, and TransFigure Total Health is my dream.  As a registered nurse and a type one diabetic, getting the best nutrition for optimum health has always been a personal goal.  Now I have the opportunity to help others do the same, through nutrition counseling combined with detoxification and weight loss.  As important as it is to help others achieve their desired weight, lowering cholesterol and keeping nutritional indicators at the correct levels is something that we take very seriously.  And, if you are one of those who have been unsuccessful with dieting and may even be considering gastric bypass surgery, I encourage you to not give up hope.  Every day I take folks just like you through our program, and they are able to lose up to 30 lbs. in just 40 days.  I am so confident that I can do the same for you, I offer a guarantee that if you follow my program, you will lose the weight!

Please call Transfigure Total Health and ask for Jane, and I can get you started on a weight loss program that really works.  Just imagine how you will feel when you, like Jill and Cathy, achieve your desired weight.  Are you ready to feel the best you’ve felt in years?

Phone 314-304-3380. TransFigure Total Health locations: Clayton Location, 7800 Clayton Road, Saint Louis, MO 63117. Arnold Location, 170 Richardson Crossing, Arnold, MO  63010.