Irresistible Community Builders Presents: Is Living In An Integral Ecovillage For You?

By Tom & Carol Braford


Looking for water, food, energy, health care, housing and employment security?  Integral Urban Ecovillage living may be for you!

Of course, it isn’t for everyone, at least not at this point in time.  That may change as it is perfected and becomes better known and even a standard housing, employment and lifestyle option, but for now we are looking for a few good people who are not averse to trying something a bit out of the ordinary.

Core groups are now forming for those interested in living and working in Culver Way Ecovillage, the world’s first Integral Urban Ecovillage right here in St. Louis.  We are especially interested in finding people interested in both creating and living in one of the three contiguous, cohousing communities and in being part of one or more of the many charter co-op enterprises there.

We also invite your participation if you are retired or have secure employment elsewhere and are just interested in living in an Integral Urban Ecovillage.  And we will consider nonresident participation in the co-op enterprises.  This is not an employment solicitation, however, so don’t send us your resumes.

If you are interested in actively engaging in forming one or more of the enterprises we have planned or have other ideas for enterprises that you are committed to that might be incorporated, then we do want to hear from you even if you plan to live somewhere else.

By active engagement we mean that you will invest time and/or money and you are willing to take on some accountability in forming and perpetuating your chosen co-op enterprise.  Currently we are considering enterprises that will be involved in sustainable ecovillage development, construction, urban farming, micro-utilities, daycare, schooling, training, retreat center, bike repair & lending, restaurant, food production, youth hostel, B&B, cafe and the operation of an onsite arts & crafts, micro-business and farmers market.

These enterprises will operate under charters that are worked out among the membership of the ecovillage community, the investors, sponsors and key community advisory boards.

If you are interested, you can join our current study group or on January 15th come to our regular monthly tour and open house at 11:00 followed by a potluck lunch.




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